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Pablo P.

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IT & Programación

Sobre mí
I am a professional with easy-going personality, very positive, proactive, versatile and creative. I love sports and teamwork. My leadership emerges naturally when I realize the need to command. Humility tempers my initiative, knowing that it is necessary to respect the processes and people to achieve the goals the right way.

- Software Engineering (agile methods, SCRUM)
- Computer programming (C ++, Visual Basic, PHP, Pascal)
- Systems Modeling using UML
- Project management
- Full Cycle Software release (modeling, programming, testing, versioning, deployment, training)
- Digital marketing
- Customer relations
- Account Management
- Sales contracts, implementation, support and software maintenance
- Sales Team (prospecting, goals, funnel approach, indicators)
- Business Leadership
- Recruitment

- Implementation of systems in several newspapers in Brazil and Latin America
- Conducted training in Portuguese and Spanish
- Configuration of the graphic layouts of newspapers
- Coordination of the entire system development cycle
- Support staff Management
- Signing contracts with national and international clients
- Multimedia presentations and narrated demonstration videos
- Public presentations live on Portuguese, Spanish and English
- Sales of systems and services to several newspapers in Brazil and abroad
- Structuring corporate sales company

- Key Companies: Mundiwaresys, GN Systems, Mundiware Systems, Atex, Tera Brazil
- Newspapers: The Sao Goncalo, Lance, A Critical, Pará's Daily, Alagoas Gazette, Network Good morning, The People
- International: La Prensa (Ecuador), El Tiempo (Colombia)
- Government: National Press (GMT)
- Stands at National Conferences: CBJ (Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo), Comtec (Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo)
- Stands in International Conferences: World Publishing Expo (Berlin), Graphics of the Americas (Miami / Orlando), American East Conference (Hershey)
- Telephony: Claro SA
Historia laboral
* Multisolutions:
 Creation of national business networking;
 Marketing quotas for events;
 Negotiation of commercial representations;
 Contracts with new service providers;
 Sales consulting services for businesses;
 Consulting in prospecting for new customers;
 Sales Team Structuring;
 Call Center Structuring;
 Business goals management.

 Criação de networking nacional de negócios;
 Comercialização de cotas para eventos;
 Negociação de representações comerciais;
 Contratos com novos fornecedores de serviços;
 Consultoria de vendas de serviços para empresas;
 Consultoria em prospecção de novos clientes;
 Montagem de Equipe de Vendas;
 Montagem de Call Center;
 Gestão de metas comerciais.

* Datasoft:
 Consulting in Information Technology;
 Systems development;
 Internet websites Development;
 Enterprise remote technical support;
 Websites hosting;
 Digital marketing;
 Google Adwords campaign management.

Consultoria em Tecnologia da Informação;
 Desenvolvimento de sistemas;
 Desenvolvimento de websites;
 Suporte técnico remoto corporativo;
 Hospedagem de websites;
 Marketing digital;
 Administração de campanhas Google Adwords.

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