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My experiece is in information systems development and maintenance working in RPG/400, ILE RPG, RPG Free, Embebed SQL, CL, IBM i y SQL. Working in spanish and english languages. My objetives is to continue learning about Information technology , and aspects like Business Analysis , programme and project manegement and also I`m interested in Business Administration and Business development and creation. I like to work in services and manufacturing businesses. Such as high-tech, real state, insurance , banking, media , energy etc. . I have been assistting to individual classes of English as well as regular classes of english at University. Also I took some classes of italian. I participate of a course of JAVA at a public university. I did a course of basic CMMI and courses of mainframe technology with EDS`s intranet. And interest to hear about oportunities in my country or abroad, I got the european citizenship. I have been studying Project Management with the PMBOK. I`m doing self-study about  leadership and management from material of Harvard Business Review and and the book, The Book of Management from My personal Blog it´s (in Spanish).

Especialidades: RPG/400, ILE RPG, RPG Free, SQL, CL, SQL, SDA, PDM, Windows XP, Analisis, diseño y programación estrucurados. Idioma inglés. Expertise inicial en tecnología mainframe y UNIX. First certificate Examination.
My Twitter: @vieser64

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