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20 years in IT (System Administrator, System Engineer, Infrastructure) covering the needs from single desktop up to datacenters and communication.
Optimize resource use (both human and technical). Increase business value by continuously revisioning standards and methodology. Become the technical advisor as i increase my experience and find new challenges.
Historia laboral
Buenos Aires Government - IT Infrastructure Manager - June 2013 / Present
- Production environments optimization & standardization.
- Process and procedures for deploying on production systems.
- Datacenter alignment to standards (electrical, connectivity, fire protection, HVAC)
- Readying Datacenter DRP, with auto-tiering storage and active-active availability.
- Backup optimization, extending scope and increased retention by 400%.
- WIFI coverage for one block and near 400 devices.
- Deploy centralized backup application.
- Deployed monitoring application for 500+ services and traffic monitoring for 2500+ LAN ports.
Banco Itaú - Web Platform & Implementation Consultant - August 2012 / October 2013
- SCM (Software Change Management) Tech team coordinator.
- Suppliers coordination and documentation review.
- Software Architecture, Hardware Achitecture and Analysts specifications reviewer.
- Internal workflow analysis and improvement.
Southworks - IT Infrastructure Manager & Procurement Manager - August 2010 / August 2012
- Windows 8 and Server 8 RC testing.
- Cloud administration connectivity (Amazon & Rackspace).
- Increase service level by redundant ISP.
- Datacenter redesign, rack and VLAN optimization.
- Virtualization based on Hyper-V and VMWare. Administration and VM consolidation.
- LAN & WAN redesign, including wireless coverage.
- URL filtering and Content Control policies applied.
- Perimeter routers/firewalls migration and standardization.
- Standardize communications between branch offices and Cloud.
- Web services consolidation by way of Load Balancers/Reverse Proxies.
- Recruiting and Testing secured infrastructure creation.
- Monitoring tools to check and measure all services.
- Image creation and correction for WDS (Deployment Services).
- Microsoft Updates by using WSUS.
- Procurement manager and in charge of inventory assets (IT related).
- Research on products (Lync 2010, BigIP F5).
- Local storage migration to NAS solution (for both Windows and Linux).
- Process and procedures documentation (multimedia if possible) on IT, procurement and personnel incorporations.
- Backup responsible (both local and Cloud).
Skytel Argentina S.A. - IT Manager - August 2009 / August 2010
- Datacenter and infrastructure redesign and deployment.
- Multiple OS consolidation (several Linux flavours).
- Paging platform migration.
- Seguring and enhancing LAN/WAN topology, including documentation and procedures.
- CRM and contact-center platform integration.
- VoIP optimization and security.
- Hardware and software standardization of main offices and Datacenter.
- Storage and backup policies and deployment.
- Virtualization based on VMware ESXi.
- Backbone redesign.
- ERP migration.
- Paging’s Customer Support application development and ERP integration.
Grupo ASSA - Corporate IT Manager - July 2008 / April 2009
- Virtualization.
- Datacenter redesign & consolidation
- LAN/WAN & communications infrastructure redesign.
- Infrastructure enhancement, redundancy and fault tolerant.
- Communications manager.
- VoIP migration (some in Argentina) & deployment (Sao Paulo, Brazil and DF, Mexico)
- Videoconference deployment.
- Integration & standardization of main and branch offices (2 Argentina / 3 Brazil / 2 Mexico)
- Storage planning update (both online and offline storage).
- DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) update – ITIL.
- Working environment standardization.
- ERP increased capacity (doubled).
Explora S.A. - System Manager - October 2007 / June 2008
- Design and enhancement of servers room (main & branch office)
- VoIP migration.
- Securing local ABB control systems network & integration with Explora LAN.
- Integration of main & branch offices by VPN site-to-site.
SENER - System Manager - October 2003 / May 2007
- Budget revisioning.
- Deployment of AVAYA IP Office telephone system.
- Coordination and project management.
- Communications manager, includes WAN connection Argentina-Spain and video-conference (over ISDN an IP lines)
- Check and reports on personnel working hours.
- Redesign and rebalance of company network backbone and local services, update/migrate/standardize network servers operating system to Windows 2003, Exchange 2003 & ISA Server 2004.
- Deployment of FORAN (Integrated Shipbuilding CAD/CAE/CAM system – )
- Deployment of PDS (Plant Design System).
- Information security.
- Deployment of PLM (Project Lifecycle Management).
- Deployment of intranet, FTP and headquarters system access.
- Standardization of Operating Systems and applications.
- IS quality procedures, including backup and information storage.
CPC S.A. - IT - September 1992 / October 2002
- In charge of customer services.
- Communications manager.
- Increased systems availability to 24x7.
- Intranet implementation.
- Upgrade from Groupwise 5 to Groupwise 6.
- Dedicated support to DAVY-MCKEE personnel (1 year)
- Remote e-mail access via WWW.
- Company-wide workstation standardization, create images and deployment using Ghost.
- Project coordinator for country-wide worksite installations, including management of support personnel.
- Y2K project coordination and deployment.
- Design, deployment and tuning of WAN networks connecting country-wide sites with headquarters (near 850 users)
- Implementation of remote access to headquarters' SAP-like integrated system.
- MEGA-Project country-wide WAN installation and management ($430.000.000 investment – in association with Saipem Italy and Japan Gas Corporation).
- Interpretation of internal customer needs.
- Standardization of work and backup procedures.
- Standardization and migration of clients using Windows95 Office97 and Windows NT4.0 servers.
- Oracle Financial deployment with internal consulting services.
- Last resource technical support.
- Propietary ERP deployment.
- Deployment of corporate e-mail using Novell Groupwise and firewall/proxy using Novell Bordermanager.
- Configuration and tuning of Novell servers (e-mail modules) with digital 64 KB TCP/IP lines.
- Integration of remote workstation with LAN by way of dial-up and PPP/SLIP protocols.
- Connection with ESSO mainframe using SNA gateway.

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