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Bacharelando em Teologia -Seminário Teológico Betel Brasileiro.

Bacharelando em Relações Internacionais- Uninter

Licenciando em Letras Português / Inglês - Anhanguera Educacional.

I used to think life was an adventure. A crazy going-up-and-down boat but once you feel the burden of responsabilities you see what is life is really about.... It is an amazing adventure filled with responsablities that can take you higher if you are courageous enough to go and reach for what you are seeking. That´s what life is about. Living it doing your job in a way no one else can do making a difference in someone´s life with what you do and make your gifts come up sharing peace and harmony in this unbalanced world.

Now working as a teacher I´ve seen the importance of teaching someone another language, empower minds to think by themselves and make the most of the new experiences which are about to come.
Historia laboral
* Coursera (Internet): Translating subtitles from online classes at Coursera as a Global Translator Partner.

* Freelancer: Serviços de tradução. Monografias, textos, manuais principalmente na área de informática.

* Fisk: Make my students try a little bit more. Make them look behind only to see how much far they have gone and make them embrace what is to come.

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