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I am a Comic Artist, Concept art, Concept environment and Digital Illustrator with almost 12 years of experience, having work with a wide number of clients and companies. I'm experienced doing Concept art for games and Graphic Novels, Storyboard for TV and Movies, Ilustrations for Comic Book art for USA market, I have experience to develop scripts, storytelling, art and art direction and creating to e-learning and serious game, having worked with all the main companies all over the world.

- Digital Illustration for project - card game fantasy  for pc\mobile to Murka - social and mobile gaming development company - Ukraine

- Work in Concept Environment to Riot Games, to League of Legends game.

- Graphic Novel  used like pitching to new film " Warriors of Oz" By Russian Director Timur Bekmambetov with Bazelevs Group.

- Storyboards for Brasilian TV, companies like Siemens, Claro, Santander, Knorr, Clear men, Correios, Tresemmé, Tam, Omo, parmalat, Bic and Senai.
With  Split Filmes agency  and Logonove Agency.

- Character Design and regular artist for Garth Ennis project "Jennifer Blood" to Dynamite Entertainment.

- Cover artist and Regular artist for Frank Cho Project " Jungle Girl " to Dynamite Entertainment.

- Regular Cover and Penciler to" Red Sonja" to Dynamite Entertainment.

- Regular artista and Cover to "Battlestar Galactica" Project to Dynamite Entertainment.

- Graphic Novel "Wyrms" by American writer Orson Scott Card to Dabel Brothers/ Marvel Comics.

I can work with many different styles of illsutrations, I have great ability with Concept art and environment for fantasy art, Cyberpunk, SteamPunk, Sci Fi and development for Covers, Pin Ups and sequential arts for Graphic Novels.
Specializations and agility with quality work with art to storyboard for TV, Movies, Animatics and Motion comics  and development layouts.
Historia laboral
* Autônomo (Entertainment)

* Bazelevs Group (Media Production) [desde 12/2012]: Graphic Novel used to sell new project film " Warriors of Oz" By Russian Director Timur Bekmambetov.

* Aennova (Education Management) [desde 4/2012]: working with serious games,working with digital art and storytelling to companies : Santander, Sicredi, Claro and Hospital Sírio Libanes.

* Ciatech (E-Learning) [desde 8/2010]

* Dynamite Entertainment (Publishing) [desde 1/2010]: Working With:
- Red Sonja book and Covers
- Savage Tales
- Garth Ennis project - Jennifer Blood
- Frank Cho Project - Jungle Girl
- Battlestar Galactica serie
- Danger Girl new Model Sheet

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