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Focused on financial and commercial area from my start in the professional world, with a nearly two-year foray in the market for buying and selling securities and securities mutual fund, after this experience I decided to start my professional development in the care sector with an experience of more than two years in the local purchases area to Siemens SA, so having a strong knowledge and work experience to handle situations that require high capacity drive.
Historia laboral
Logistics  Management

Coordinate international purchases of medical equipment and diagnostics reagents for Venezuela.

Monitoring movement performs complex materials through the production cycle.

Complete the preparation and maintenance of basic reports, analyzing supplier capabilities, involved in make.

Complete integrated project plans and schedules for capital equipment supply development projects, inventories implements short and long-term logistics strategies.

Completes the effectiveness evaluation of current material control standards.

Complete the planning and coordination of the introduction of new products; evaluates the impact and supports changes to the overall production schedule.

Performs research, evaluate and recommend solutions to complex inventory situations; negotiates situations related to materials and logistics.

Handling experience processes of internal and external audit by FONDONORMA

Establish instructions for carrying out the supply of the product taking into account the scope, quality, and cost cronogroma

Develop detailed planning Items supplied Product for the Fiscal year.

Ensure integration of purchases early stages in the process of supplying equipment existing preinstalacion, ensuring the availability of equipment and components in the planned dates

Ensure the integration of shopping from early stages in the process of project management, ensuring the availability of equipment and components in the planned dates.

Organize, control and monitor all activities of the procurement process and import of equipment in a project

Plan and coordinate all logistical tasks related to transport the equipment to the customer premises

Performs research, evaluates and recommends solutions to very complex inventory issues; negotiates issues related to materials and logistics.

Develops the planning and coordination of new product introductions; assesses the impact and supports changes to overall production schedules.

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