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Sou um desenvolvedor sênior e arquiteto com mais de 15 anos de experiência construindo sistemas grandes e complexos. Sou o fundador da Abstratt. Através do nosso programa EasyAlpha, nós criamos aplicações sob medida de forma rápida e com baixo custo, sem comprometer a qualidade. Isso somente é possível porque usamos nossas próprias ferramentas para aceleração do desenvolvimento de software.

I am a Brazilian/Canadian senior developer with 15+ years of experience building large applications and tools. I am the founder at Abstratt. We create tools that automatically produce software with the same quality as the code experienced developers write by hand, based on detailed business domain models. We use our own tools to provide EasyAlpha, a service for custom development of business applications that delivers software fast and at a low cost, without compromising quality.
Historia laboral
Abstratt Technologies (software engineering tools) - founder, since February/2013. Abstratt provides products and services for software improvement. Products include TextUML Toolkit (released, open-source) and Cloudfier, a PaaS for rapid development and deployment of business applications (in development). Services include application modernization, and consulting for software companies that need to improve their software development practices.

Genologics (data management software for Next-Generation Sequencing) - senior software developer (Victoria, Canada, from January/2008 to February/2013). Technical leadership/architecture responsibilities. Worked on several areas of a Lab Information Management System (LIMS) product. Led an effort for modularization of the codebase. Designed and implemented a (JNLP-inspired) mechanism for remote delivery of agent applications. Designed and implemented a new workflow management subsystem. Designed and implemented a configuration management tool. Leading contributor in the design and implementation of the back-end for a new version of the LIMS. Key contributor to the design and implementation of a customer-facing REST API. Technologies involved: Groovy & Grails, Hibernate (Postgres/Oracle), REST (JSON/XML), JBoss, Spring, Java, TestNG, JUnit, Maven, JMS, Javascript, ExtJS, Lucene, TDD, Camel.

Sierra Systems (IT consulting) - Primary role of software developer, but also worked as architect and designer (Victoria, Canada, from June/2007 to January/2008). Developed information management systems for the public sector. Technologies involved: Java, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSP, SOAP (Axis), XML/XSD, SQL (Oracle DB).

Independent - contracted as a software developer with local companies (Brazil, from September/2006 to May/2007). For Hoplon Infotainment, a Brazilian game development company, I worked on the creation of multiple tools for internal use (including an Eclipse-based tool for scene creation) and on an OpenGL-based widget toolkit for the game. For Digilab, I developed a multicast based autonomous replication system. I designed and implemented the entire system from scratch (using the java.net API) from requirements provided by the customer.

IBM Ottawa Lab (formerly Object Technology International) (Ottawa, Canada, from September/2002 to July/2006). Object-oriented design and system level programming in Java. Eclipse plug-in development for several platforms (Windows, Linux, AIX, MacOS/X). As part of the Eclipse Platform Core/Equinox teams (from September/2002 to July/2005): Several contributions around the new OSGi based runtime, including the plug-in dependency resolver and the dynamic extension registry. Designed and implemented the content type API, improved encoding support (3.0) and an automated session testing framework based on JUnit. Implemented the new local history and persistent properties support.
General bug fixing, testing, user support (forums and problem ticket system), technical documentation. As part of the Jazz (RTC) SCM client team (between July/2005 and July/2006), worked on the local working copy, both standalone and IDE-integrated, and automated performance testing.

Perfil (CRM) (Datasul CRM) - Technical leadership and team leader (Florianópolis, Brazil, from Feb/2001 to Aug/2002). Developed code generation tools and mobile (CLDC/MIDP) / server-side (EJB/servlets/XML/XSL/SQL) applications for CRM.

CTEL (CTI) - Developed an object-oriented framework and a multithreaded/multiprotocol server for CTI applications (Florianópolis, Brazil, from Jul/2000 to Dec/2000).

V.Office (training) - Taught Java programming in Sun official courses (Florianópolis, Brazil, from Oct/1999 to Jul/2000).
Independent - For SCADI (ERP), presented several object technology related seminars (business objects, UML, Java, CORBA and design patterns) to the company’s development team (Rio Grande, Brazil, Jan/1999).

Independent - For TECON (sea port), developed Web-based applications integrated with company’s information systems, using Java applets, servlets and JDBC (Rio Grande, Brazil, from Jul/1998 to Aug/1999).
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