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Costa Rica
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Sobre mí
Excellent customer service
Good understanding providing adequate oral and written communication
Positive attitude
Skills to teach or train people
Computer skills (Office tools)
Historia laboral
HT Setecca
Part of my responsibilities included prepare documents and files that are requested, send all the necessary documentation to the clients to start working on the projects and make the corresponding reports about the work done.
Manage employees work time, vacations and other stipulated days off.
Planning, organizing, executing and evaluating the activities of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) including the preparation of the emergency, evacuation and safety plans for the company.
Installation supervisor for wind turbine projects.

Primary English Teacher

Hotel Puerto San Luis
Customer service  (including hotel reservations and coordinationof tours across the country).
Marketing agreements with travel agencies, sales and event coordination.
Inventory Supervisor.

Instituto Profesional Bilingüe
Primary and secondary school English courses

Monte Lago Properties
Administrative assistant.
Real Estate Agent.

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