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Vision: Be an integral and full administrative professional of many tools to meet the personal , spiritual , labor and academic challenges through everyday teaching , contributing to the transformation effort and solving society through faith in God , love family and passion for the job

Mission: Studying and analyzing the organizational and functional problems of the company, to provide alternative services to facilitate decision-making. Also, plan, organize and control the work of the specific activities of the company to achieve high performance, study and application of systems and administrative procedures.

Human Values:

responsibility, integrity , quality, efficiency , service, communication , loyalty and reliability , commitment.

Job Skills:

Independent decision making as well as problem solving skills, Excellent leadership skills, Team development, Ability to manage effectively multiple tasks & show strong flexibility
Historia laboral
•    Globoenlace, Job Title: HR Manager: Period: 05/2016 until 12/2016. Revised estimates of payroll, realization of pay to adjust the salary tables and studies the company incentives, coordinate all it relating to the recruitment and sourcing of the staff especially of sales, recruitment 2.0, training online, management of all types of web communication, development of organizational communications tool, planning the future needs of procurement, management of budget own, run skills of negotiation and of resolution of problems.
•    Health Caravan C.A. /Net Asisstance C.A., Job Title: Recruiter, Period: 07/2015 until 10/2015. sourcing of CV, competition or critical incident interviews, interviews telephone, check references, study of profiles of charge, management of tests psychometric, elaboration of the contracting of work, control of the book of contracts, Postulation of vacancies through Internet portals , filtered out of CV´s, coordination of medical pre-employment assessments, structuring of employment records, staff entry process, develop indicators of recruitment of the Department of management and sourcing.
•    Mayor of the municipality of Liberator (Caracas-Venezuela), Job Title: Professional I (HR Generalist), Period: 07/2007 until 07/2015. Solid knowledge in interviews, processes of revenue staff, elaboration of inductions, leveling by promotion and wage revisions, payroll preparation, implementation of policies and practices of organizational design: organizational structures and descriptions of office, support in the consolidation of information and budget for staff costs estimates and the implementation of salary administration practices and incentive programs.
•    Mayor of the municipality of Liberator (Caracas-Venezuela), Job Title: senior administrative assistant. Period: 09/2002 until 07/2007. organize files by any of the methods, manual or computer, appropriate to the purposes intended, write and send the correspondence make them expenses referred to in budget through the Bank, assist in the development of programs and management activities, participating in the study and analysis of new procedures and working methods, in the development of programmes and activities of management, payments to suppliers, payments for services, grants, contributions, allowances, aid, advances to justify, rentals, accounts of courses and other special assignments, make requests for provision of equipment and materials for the dependence.

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