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I am graduated internationalist, because I understand that the deep political and economical changes that the world is experiencing is a direct consequence of the globalization, as the world is, if not united, at least connect in so many levels and in a such complex network that it's up to us now to learn how to deal with this phenomenon, and for that, a macro vision is necessary, wich, I understand, a internacionalist will have.

I have traveled to different destinations, and even worked with people of several nations, especially trough the Disney's International College Program, where I had the opportunity to work on the U.S. and lived and deal with huge teams of the entire globe, with the purpose to receive guests of different countries daily and give them the best experience they could have.

Altough I still kept my admiration for politics, as almost every Foreign Affairs student did, I turned myself to the bussiness area, and I want to be a part of the growing process of a company that longs to reach the world.
Historia laboral
* Johnson & Johnson, Group of Consumer Companies:
Customer Development: Business Intelligence, S&OP Process and strategic analysis.

* The Walt Disney Company (Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida):
International College Program, where I held a number of roles related to the care and help of visitors and tourists from different parts of the world. I received many lectures and training and dealt with huge work teams composed of representatives from various countries.

* Private English Teacher

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