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I have worked with all sizes and kinds of companies. I do not however like to keep a 9 to 5 job because it gets monotonous after a while. I prefer to work with people wanting to do something new as it keeps things exciting.

Education Summary:
BSC Software Engineering

I offer web design, web development, CMS/CRM development and GIS development services. I also work as an application developer (android/ios, cocos2dx), database developer and a project manager.

Detailed Version:
I have been passionate about software development from an early age and started coding in school at the start of the 90s. A decade, numerous short courses and a degree later I was able to produce high quality commercial software. I have worked in most platforms and languages. Having a wide experience of programming and working in other fields allows me to quickly understand requirements and translate them into working systems. My postgraduate studies were in Geographical Information Systems and have developed GIS solutions in .NET and JAVA besides the standard tools. Since I work more in web design and web development, I prefer to take GIS solutions with online interfaces.

Currently, I prefer to develop web based solutions in .NET. Since I have managed to amass a library of code along with reusable controls and also code generators, it is cheaper for me to stick to .NET. I prefer to work in and have more libraries for C# than VB. I am able to provide a comprehensive CMS to allow you to update and add/update/delete all the pages on your site. I also make complex web based CRM and even a combined web/CMS/CRM system according to requirements.

For the design part of web design, I have hired a professional graphic designer. Having a specialist on board along with my marketing experience allows me to also offer all sorts of design services. This also gives me an edge over other application developers as my applications excel in both functionality and look.

The web applications I offer range from simple System/Workflow automation services to complex spatio-temporal analysis systems.
Historia laboral
Score studios
Team Leader - Project Manager
2008 - 2015
I've been developing Mobile 3d games, particularly iPhone/Android applications with Unity3d for more than 5 years. I've developed realistic and cartoon and old and modern style perfect 3d games very much. All applications was successful with high quality and the satisfaction of the clients. My game type is Endless racing game,Endless running game (subway surfer,Temple run type game),car Modeling,architecture modeling,Casino poker games,FPS/3PS shooting game ,multiplayer game,Archery shooting game,Pool game,NGUI,2D games,Character Customization,3d design,3d animation.

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