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Felipe A. G.

FullStack Node I/O .JS - CompSc Soft. Developer.

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Sobre mí
I'm someone that is actively seeking to become wiser every day and attract people with a similar mindset so we can find ways to build a better world. I lived in India, South Africa & New Zealand.

I studied Multimedia System's Production, later Computer science engineering and English language and Literature, but I ended up doing a really wide variety of things in my life. I love to travel and almost anything that may be challenging or actually entrepreneurial or directly, experiential. I love sports and I train and I'm trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for an Equipe in Santiago. In addition, I like to study Zen Buddhism as a form of philosophy and understanding in life.

I'm always looking for new challenges. I love languages, and I would like to highlight my literacy and great ability to speak perfect English and fluently. My mother tongue is Chilean Spanish though. Also, I speak some French. Nowadays I'm involved with Internet Technologies as a Full-stack U/X Node.JS I/O .JS Developer as well as advanced algorithms. I'm really good understanding logic and algorithms as well as also understanding the rivers of communications between users and all the concepts involved with Big-Data.  Freelance / Remotely. I'm playing/doing/working/researching and studying all about Internet Technologies since 2004, 14 years in the IT world.

If you want to start a business, any new or good project or just to have a talk over a cup of coffee I'm totally free on my open road. Just let me know because I could be busy doing what my intuition is telling me is great. Thanks!.
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* Seasumo.com (Computer Software): We’re a collective of creative pioneers with a passion for the digital world and overwhelming love for crafting memorable experiences on the web.
Freelance - Contributor -  remote Full Stack (WebUX-HTML5-CSS3-NodeJS- I/O .JS) - Theatherflix OpenSource Project -  Seasumo.com.


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