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Sobre mí
For the past 14+ years I have led numerous teams in the design of network infrastructure architecture, software applications and curriculum integration initiatives at independent K12 institutions and educational foundations in the US, Latin America, South Africa and Europe. I have a wide breadth of expertise and can successfully supervise and manage big-budget multinational projects in Spanish and English.
Historia laboral
Inspira Comunidad (Financial Services) ////
• Established legal operating framework ensuring regulatory certification within the finance industry. • Established IT Department (systems, procedures, and manuals, etc.…). • Responsible for budget projections for operations in Mexico City and Morelos, Mexico. • Supervise daily operations and manage cash flow. • As the company relies entirely on cloud-based IT systems for daily operation, alternative systems and procedures have been created such that the company continues to have access to operational up-to-date data in the event of loss of connectivity to the Internet at any location. • Design products to enter market in highly competitive environment. • Establish and manage relationships with regulatory bodies within the banking industry, with national banks and other financial institutions and foundations abroad.

    The Benjamin Franklin International School (Education Management) // - desde 6/2012//
• Integrated mobile devices as well as Mac equipment into a 100% Windows platform • Deployed student information management system and a separate financial management system • Migrated in-house hosting of services and applications to cloud-based datacenter services from Google, Apple, Amazon and others • Formed and trained team of technicians/programmers, and supervised outside consultants • Negotiated contractual agreements with online service providers and hardware/software vendors • Managed budgets around technology aspects of yearly multi-building projects • Led team in the creation of K-12 Technology Scope & Sequence document • Served as Chair of Technology & Information Services (Technology & Library Media Services) • Official Videographer/Photographer • Established, planned and taught grades 6-8 Communications Media, and grades 9-12 Digital Film Production/High School IB Film

    Winpenny School (Education Management) // - desde 6/2008//
• In partnership with Apple, launched Mexico’s first 1:1 laptop program. • Rebuilt campus data network to support mobile users. Equipped classrooms with SMART Boards, an audio system as well as age-appropriate ergonomic furniture. • In partnership with Cisco, the campus communication infrastructure was updated. IP phones were installed throughout campus, and wireless access points were installed in key areas to provide adequate data services to students, each carrying a laptop throughout the school day. • Established team of technical support specialists who also created learning content and materials to support English and Spanish speaking faculty.

    The American School Foundation (Education Management) // - desde 7/2007//
Major Responsibilities: • Lead and supervise team of software applications programmers, server and communications engineers, technical support specialists, audio-video engineers and professional development specialists. • Maintain the technology (cap-ex/op-ex) annual budget. • Lead teams of educators in creation of mid-to-long term curriculum/technology integration plans. Major Accomplishments: • Successfully integrated mobile devices as well as Mac equipment into a 100% Windows platform. • Negotiated multi-million-dollar multi-year contracts for services and equipment with companies such as Apple, Dell, HP, Blackbaud, Blackboard, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, SMART Technologies, amongst others. • Revamped the network infrastructure to provide data and telecommunications services for in-house use, various locations throughout Mexico City, as well as support multi-year projects in northern Mexico and Brazil. • Brought together three different departments and established the Office of Information Technology. • Created the Professional Resource Center, a specialized lab manned and equipped specifically for staff and faculty professional development. • Established a wireless data network covering 90% of the campus. • Introduced wireless laptops into the community. • Introduced SMART Boards into classrooms school-wide.

    Research Foundation of CUNY (Research) // - desde 8/2001//
The National Center provided leadership, logistical support, and data/communications services during the first round of funding for the GEAR UP program launched by the Federal Government during the Clinton administration. The National Center also provided the same “umbrella” support for the Urban Partnership Program funded by a ten-year grant from the Ford Foundation, plus additional funding from FIPSE and USAID for educational partnerships in South Africa, Puerto Rico and the continental US. Responsibilities: • Managed all aspects of telecommunications and data sharing services for academic projects in 16 urban cities in the continental US, 3 cities in Puerto Rico and 6 cities in South Africa. • Created distance-learning initiatives and provided support for partnerships composed of public schools, local universities/colleges and corporate partners. • Worked with local and foreign consultants to create symposiums that would gather representatives from across the country and abroad; participants were brought up to date on educational practices and developing trends within the US educational system. • Served as the onsite designer and webmaster for the organization’s website and online communication systems.

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