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I have been studying –and still continuing –all my life. I have studied very different matters and I believe that a person is learning every second. I love learning. I have had the great opportunity to teach –as I am currently working as a Teacher –and this is the greatest experience I have ever had in terms of improving my learning skills. When you teach others is exactly when you learn the most.
Furthermore, I want to say I have worked in very different types of jobs, from construction to creative design. I have a wide experience in a great amount of tasks, leading teams, organizing tools and materials, selling and consulting, usually related to costumer services and public relations. I have studied Marketing, Publicity, Communication, Literature, Persuasion Tools or Business Development, among others. I have experience in Writing, Editing, Publishing, Translating, Workshops, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Advertisement, Sales, Buy-in, Transport, Logistics and Administration.
What I like the most is all what is related to Creativity and Communication.
I am very innovating and I am always inspired. I love figuring out and finding solutions. I write a lot –I have two novels published and more coming –and I am improving my communication skills every day. I have leadership and motivating skills as I can make people give the best. I believe in teamwork as the main tool to achieve goals. I am careful and responsible.
I believe that there is a lot of freedom into discipline and serving others.
Historia laboral
* Apctitud (E-Learning): Escritura y Traducción de libros relacionados con temas de formación, mentorización, nutrición, deporte y creatividad.
Organización de talleres, búsqueda y captación de talento artístico en distintas áreas.
Entrega de talleres y cursos online de Escritura Creativa.
Maquetación y edición de libros y cursos.
Desarrollo de estrategias de marketing, promoción y ventas.
Relaciones Públicas y organización de eventos.
Redacción de novelas, guiones y sinopsis.
Manejo de Office e InDesign.

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