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Elio S. S.

Co Founder - GrowthackLab.com & markheatstore.com

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Blog Personal en el que hablo de programación y growth hacking:
https://www.eliosuarez.com -


Entrepreneur + Software engineer!
Hackaton + workshops lover .
Collaborator - helper  in Javascript - FullStack 2016 Conference at London 13-15 July.

Main Stack :
- FE: Angular2(typescript) with @ngrx/store, React javascript ES6
- BE: Java , node.js
And lover of Rxjs!
A completed Software Engineer with strong competences in frontend, backend and different kind of
testing, teamworker, and extremely good social abilities that suit me to manage and lead successfully the tasks.
Highly motivated, proactive and eager to learn daily, really interested in research and development
focused in best practices,clean code and pair programming. I love the challenges and fight with the code till get the best solution, with more than 7 years on software development.
I am more than a person who goes to the office to program, I have an entrepeneur heart, so I am always giving good feedback and ideas to grow and improve the solutions we are giving , always with good mood and adding value to the project and team. Always looking for passionate people, code lovers who love to share and get knowledge , can talk and talk about code, I am a very good teambuilder and I also love helping to the company to grow in this way.

Technical Skills
Javascript: Angular5(Typescript),highchart,D3.js,Node.js,Meteor, Ionic3, React.js-redux
Java: java 1.8, Play framework, Spring core, Spring web flow, security, JPA,Hibernate,Jsf, ZK
Generators/CMS: CQ5, AEM6

Web: Html5,css3, bootstrap.
Webservices: REST, SOAP,
Testing : Unit testing, perfomance testing(gatling with scala, Jmeter)
BBDD: Mysql, MongoDB
Tools-Methodology: Jira,Sonar,Jenkins,swagger,stash and  pull request lover - code review.
Agile Development,  Scrum, Kanban, TDD, MicroServices
Historia laboral
* Growthacklab (Servicios y tecnología de la información ): www.growthacklab.com

- Software engineering
- Different Marketing/business development
- Proceses improvement
- Social/media campaigns

* Markheat SL: -Markheat is a social  E-commerce company , a  fresh brand from Canary islands seeded by private investor with.


- Growth hacking
- Management and Development of the Ecommerce site  and extra applications(Accounting app, 3party applications interacting with the Ecommerce)using Javascript-typescript full stack solution, Java, node.js
- Managing the Marketing and design team
- leadership ->Social media and campaigns

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