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• IT professional with specialization in Quality Assurance, Telecommunication and Financial areas.
• 11 years experience in QA and testing; 8 years in development and support (+2 years in Brazilian Army - military formation).
• Interested in challenges working with ambitioned teams.
Historia laboral
Indra Politec (Information Technology and Services) ////
Responsible for Software Quality Assurance, System, Performance and Automation Tests on diverse projects: Prata da Casa, Portal, Biblioteca Virtual, Formulário, Intranet Peru, CRDE, AMS, Intranet Uruguai, Intranet Japão, Upgrade SAP, Intranet Innova, SAP Unwired Platform and SAP BI, working on prototype documentation inspection and review, functional test scripts creation/review with IBM Rational Tools RMT, ClearQuest, ClearCase (futurely with RFT and RPT also) and HP Mercury Quality Center. . Functional tests execution over Intranet Portals using SAP web integration, Mobile integration - Apple iOS and RIM BlackBerry -, and web content/administration tools EMC Documentum/WebPublisher and Lumis Portal.

    M. Miranda Consulting (Information Technology and Services) ////
IT consultancy services for Software Quality Assurance and Development projects. In portfolio, partnership works/projects for: • TEN, 2011- : social networks and digital marketing-related in Rio de Janeiro, RJ • Pleon, 2009 : HP QTP training for a commodities distribuition company in São Paulo, SP; and HP BTO presentation (POC - Proof Of Concept) for a brazilian financial institution in Porto Alegre, RS • MJV, 2006 : evaluation of quality assurance department of Icatu-Hartford (multinational insurance company) • TCS, 2004 : systems quality for Embratel (brazilian telecom company) • Lucinski, 2003 : start-up of Oi (brazilian GSM telecom company) • MJV, 2002 : scripted reports development and software version control for Embratel (brazilian telecom company) And, internally, some projects being developed for financial and capital markets area also.

    ALATS (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 9/2011//
volunteer work to help ALATS - Associação Latino-Americana de Testes de Software ("Latin American Association for Software Testing") looking for sponsors, organizing and communicating all events of the group, with more inclusion in social networks.

    Claro (Telecommunications) // - desde 5/2011// Integrated Test team: • Test leader for diverse projects, mainly: > CPC (Business & Residential markets) [~300 people - employee, vendors and consultants] - Responsibilities: test focal point, participation on committee meetings (with managers and directors), follow-up of new test factory (10 people in Brazil, 20 in Argentina), planning tests and defining strategies; - Results: test process manual formalized, defect management process reviewed and defect lifecycle improved, an online test report and SLA control implemented (using ODBC to test databases). > TestLink+Mantis implementation [10 employess from IT Test, Innovation and Infra teams] - Responsibilities: tools evaluation (also considering performance load and concurrence tests - w/LoadRunner) and changes to comply Claro’s processes and facilitates users operation. - Results: saved R$4,000,000.00 on software upgrade; increased from 20 to 200 concurrent testing users in 1 year. > Street Seller phase 1.5 [5 employees from IT Pre-Paid and Test teams; 10 from vendor] - Responsibilities: test planning, documentation (requirements, scenarios and cases), execution and reports; - Result: assured quality for production environment (3 defects found after 6 months on production). • Test coordination, support and audit of other test projects (some led by other team members): On Net, Fixed Assets Mgmt, BL New Speed, LTV Segmentation, Itazon phase 2, Net 4P, Mobile 492. • Selection of a new test factory vendor in 2010 and elaboration of a RFP for new selection in 2011. • Automation of test reports (w/VBA, ODBC) and invoices extraction from Amdocs Ensemble (w/QTP). CMMI group: • Review of internal test plan, definition of test plan baseline procedure (from test management tools) and new test metrics (for CMMI level 2 certification), and participation on test methodology definition. • Investigation of test environment preparation activities over all IT areas.

    Pleon IT Solutions (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 3/2009//
on Amazonia Cellular database migration project of Accenture at Oi, a mobile telco: • Documentation, review and execution of automation scripts using WinRunner for people and corporate accounts creation and mobile lines activation on CRM (Siebel) customer database. • Resolution of minor problems found and technical knowledge share with the team members. at Pleon IT office: • Technical visits to HP prospect clients in São Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre. • Conduction of technical presentations and proof of concept (‘PoC’) of HP testing solutions Quality Center (Test Director), Quick Test Pro, WinRunner and LoadRunner.

    CPM Braxis (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 8/2008// Shared Resources group • Definition of test area structure, study on current test methodology to define a specific one for the group. • Participation in PQO group to reformulate CPM Braxis test methodology and investigation alternatives for bug tracking tools for test factory at Salvador, BA. CITCO Funds Net (CFN) Banking off-shore project • Automation tests: definition of keywords and business processes, test data creation, and test script creation/review/execution for CFN Banking (Web 2.0) application for accounts administration. • Follow-up, coordination and help on issues solution for infrastructure needed to the project.

    EDS (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 3/2008//
* CMMI (v1.2) level 5 certified on Enterprise Customer DataBase (ECDB) off-shore project for American Airlines: • QA team leader – mentoring, technical interviews and trainings for test analysts in project group. • Configuration Controller of ECDB project for Transportation group (using MS Visual Source Safe). • Meetings with project manager to create test plan and test strategies, solve problems, offer alternatives. • Specifications analysis, test effort estimation, update of test plans and test cases, test environment maintenance, functional, regression and load tests execution (also with WinRunner and LoadRunner). • Test execution of diverse sub-projects (CRM Operational Data, View All, CEH, International Passenger Load, CEC phases 1 and 2 – all developed in C and Java) and corrective/enhancements related changes. on EDS office: • Automation of current revision control tool for DEX (Delivery Excellence) group and creation of a metrics record tool for formal reviews for PPI (Project Processes Improvement) group (both with VBA). • Participation on CMMi assessment (level 5, version 1.2) for EDS Rio. * Received recognition board for dedication gave to project View All, and diverse compliments from EDS and AA managers and analysts about work done over projects and tasks.

    ORGA Systems (Telecommunications) // - desde 10/2005// • Quality assurance and testing work on projects OVPN P1+, OBQS, Service Module, CTD/RI and CR pkg (systems developed in C, Java and Web 2.0 systems) for Latin America telcos – requirements review; effort estimation; create/update of components, system and acceptance test docs; planning and strategies; test scenarios/cases/data/environment creation; execution of manual system and regression tests (black/gray/white-box perspectives) and automated component tests (via test scripts); test reports. • Suggest additional improvements over documentation and test scripts traceability. • Creation (with VBA) of tool for test execution, defect control and test management. • Knowledge transfer for managers and team members about tests strategies and test optimization.

    Tata Consultancy Services (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 6/2004// , Brasília office - CMM level 5 and PCMM level 4 certified on Systems Quality project, phases I and II, at Embratel, a long distance telco: • Scope project meetings with IT managers and developers to investigate functional characteristics and reliability condictions, and do the complexity analysis of related systems. • Control of information and search/creation systems functional documentation. • Analyze requirement and functional documents, creation of tests plans, test cases and test reports, execution of functional tests for homologation environment (HMG). • Test cases creation/execution over CDS (Customer Data System) on HMG environment. for TCS: • Adaptation of TCS test templates and creation (with VBA) of tools for test execution and management.

    Lucinski Consulting (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 10/2003// on Start-up project of Accenture at Oi, a mobile telco: • Integration Test team: test data creation and functional, regression and smoke tests execution over Arbor, Siebel, Pre-Paid, IVR, CTI and other systems – also in Contax firm, in Niterói, RJ (some test pre-conditions assured from automation with VBA, Unix shell -bash- and DOS batch scripts). • System Test team: QA/tests team leadership and team mentoring; data preparation, resources control, test cases creation/execution, and reports for tests done over Arbor, Siebel and other systems.

    MJV Informatica (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 2/2003//
on Arbor project of EDS at Embratel, a long distance telco: • Customer Support area: delivered (with C and Oracle PL/SQL) internal reports and data to Finance and Marketing areas; routines automation (with Unix shell -ksh) to reduce documentation work time. • GCS-Arbor group: control code and document versioning, maintenance of PVCS control tools (versioning and promotions) for Production environment.

    WiNGS Telecom Ltda. / SMP Consultores Associados S/C Ltda. (Telecommunications) // - desde 2/2002// working as Systems & Support Analyst • Documentation review and functional tests execution over Net Dimension cellular planning software. • Creation of an automated backup application and definition of backup polices to computer network. • Installation of (SaMBa) fileserver tool for Windows workstations network (with Unix Shell script -ksh- e C).

    Automatos, Inc. / Solvo IT Services (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 9/2001// , at Automatos office: • Participation on technical research for development of Capacity Wizard, software directed to capacity planning for IT managers (to help them on estimate and plan IT assets workload) and Automatos Infrastructure Management (AIM) directed to hardware and software inventory control. • Administration of dev/prod environments and databases, control database docs and used sw licenses. for Solvo at Souza Cruz (an American British Tobacco branch) site: • Administration of WAN/LAN servers in Rio, RJ and Uberlândia, MG. • Development of Unix shell scripts (mainly sh and bash) for IT users (client and other vendors).

    AGF Assessoria e Participações Ltda. / Riskless Ltda. (Insurance) // - desde 2/2000//
* Riskless and AGF Assessoria e Participações had the same chairman director • Participation on decisions regarding IT infra, hw/sw upgrades and even financial operations. • Administration of software licenses and workstations (this last also via DOS batch scripting to automate basic data transfer and financial operation routines). • Creation (with VB and VBA) of tools for financial analysis (operations, returns and trends), decision evaluation (capital markets follow-up) and management of company financial products.

    CNPq (Research) // - desde 12/1994// * Local Area Network Administrator - Management of the local network UFRJ/COPPE/CERN (to research cooperation - in nuclear area - with CERN in Geneve, Switzerland). - Users attending (accounts creation, disk quotas administration, performance verification). - Servers administration (processing load, printing rows, use priorities, environment control).

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