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Sobre mí
Hello, My name is Spartaco Margioni and I am an artist, animator,
living in Houston, Texas.

Many of my clients have included Disney, Nicklodeon, Broderbund, Sierra
On-line, Mondo Media, Maxis, and others. I've provided them with
graphic design, game art, advertising, typography, storyboards, conceptual
design, characters, flash, animation, 3d animation, and illustrations.
I am interested in helping your company with this game art. My
experience and well rounded, hardworking attitude,  I believe would
help out any projects that are given to myself as a challenge.

I am easy going and after 25 years in the industry, still truly enjoy the creative process.
Historia laboral
•    Broderbund Software/LivingBooks (1993-96 San Francisco, CA)
Created everything from traditional cell animation to storyboards and layouts, comprising the overall look of each title. I was Lead Animator on several projects after striving to be awarded a promotion.
o    Titles-Eager Ogre, Green Eggs & Ham, Seuss’s ABC, Cat in the Hat, Carmen Sandiego, Berenstein Bears, Little Monster, Harry and the Haunted House
•    Sierra On Line (1991-93 Oakhurst, CA)
Responsible Lead Animator for all character creation and animations, supervising the art asset creation from conceptual stage to final programming. Some of my games won awards for “Game of the year” and continued success as a Lead Animator, contributing more to the design phase of a product.
o    Titles-Quest for Glory4, Pepper’s Adventure in Time, Slater & Charlie, King’s Quest 6, Space Quest, Police Quest, Laura Bow, Robin Hood, Freddy Pharkas

Animations, characters, conceptual, illustrations, graphics (1997 - Present)

Independent studio (unnamed) working on OS game for PC/MAC
Rash Studios (created development art for IPHONE app called ‘Logic Bomb’)
Diesel Design (designing a treatment of layouts in photoshop for the ABC show “ALIAS”)
Lipslide Boards (primary creator of Illustrations for skateboard and snowboard series)
Maxis (executed models and textures for “Sims2” in Maya with a variety of choices)
CathodeRay Club (Implemented the vision of the client for their website to final end result)
Nickelodeon (an Animator on Spongebob Squarepants and kid’s TV books for Nick JR)
Curious Pictures (worked on a team to devise commercials done in Flash for MCI)
Mondo Media (art assets for “Mini Shows” and animations for marketing department)
The Learning Company (part of the animation/art team on Reader Rabbit 1st, 2nd Grade)
Digital Eclipse (animated characters for Tarzan, Alice in Wonderland, Hercules for Gameboy,DS)
Shockwave (created animated greeting cards for the web and internet content)
Egreetings (lead designer of greeting cards and promotional prints for website done in Flash)
Care2 (animated Ecards for various events and holidays online as a featured artist)
ESPN (textures and layouts for models, part of a promotional piece for the NBA)
Hewlett Packard (screensaver animations and promotional materiel for an AD campaign)
Compaq (a variety of AD’s created for print and several multimedia DVD’s)
The Rhinelander Children’s Aid Society (teaching children art and animation)
Sega (production design, characters and animations for some console games)
New Pencil (Lead conceptual artist and animator, working on R&D development and client jobs)
MTV (assisted with the animation for a TV promotional spot)
Mattel/Intel (created, designed the entire look, feel of this kid’s cooperative, multimedia game)
UCSC (speaking at UCSC, Santa Cruz on about art creation and being a production artist)
The Animation Factory (animated a Xmas short for Comedy Central all done in Maya)
HBO (in-between animator, clean up artist, working on a short from a children’s book)

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