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More than 6  years of experience in developing  Web application since back Java technologies (Servlet, JSP, Spring Framework, Struts  Framework, Apache Sling, Hibernate, MyBatis, JBOSS Fuse, etc)  to front technologies (HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, JSF, Angular, PrimeFaces, ExtJS, etc)
1 year in a group of Architecture Office I was using and configuring  Nexus, Jenkins, SuversionEdge, GitLab
2 years developing  AEM packages since back end to front end
Historia laboral
México City
Web Developer

Actually I’m in a group of developers using the technologies JBOSS Fuse. I’m developing REST and SOAP services using bundles to do that. Many times we have to improve or create different services for applications like Web consumers or Mobile consumers
Functional Experience
To develop using technologies like JBOSS Fuse  (ESB)
JAXWS, JAXRS, HTML, JavaScript , Angular, MyBatis, SyBase

FCA México
México City
Web Developer

In that job I had several Java Web systems and I had to give support all of them. These systems were in local services (Mexico) or they were in US, so, my work consisted in to develop and to give back or front support all of them using different frameworks like Spring, Struts, hibernate, etc.
Functional Experience
To have the opportunity to work with several applications
Spring, Struts, JAXWS, JAXRS, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JSP

México City
System analyst

I was member of a Department of Architecture. I worked on the expansion and maintenance of systems for many users. These Web systems worked with technologies like Spring (in their security,MVC and mail modules), JSF (2.0 or higher) Web services (JAX-WS using CFX), Hibernate (3.0 or higher), JPA, MySQL, Oracle, Spring Roo. I generated new systems, implementing different architecture using the technologies mentioned above for integration with other systems or creating new systems. I have knowledge in Nexus (Manager Dependencies for maven), Jenkins (continuous integration projects), LDAP (Authentication Protocol Groups), among others.
Functional Experience
To learn new  tools for Continuous Integration Systems
Jenkins,Nexus, CollabNet, Hibernate, PrimeFaces, JSF, Linux, Spring, Struts, JAXWS, JAXRS, SOAP, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JSP

México City
Web Developer

I was Manager for the migration of a mobile system to a Web application. I was using REST services, Spring, to develop all  views and functionality (FRONT-END). This project needed three specific modules of Spring; spring-mvc, spring-security and sprin-mail. The implementation uses a DAO design pattern to optimize more requests to persistence.
Functional Experience
I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge in different Web system
Spring, Struts, JAXWS, JAXRS, SOAP, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JSP, Hibernate

Televisa Interactive Media
México City
Developer Engenier

I worked in CMS Adobe CQ5. I had the opportunity to work with technologies like JCR, Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit, and others. My work was to develop and improvement several components through these technologies for Web content.  I was in a back end group developing for several sites with much content
Functional Experience
To learn a new different CMS System technology for Content Management
Jenkins, Git, Maven, JCR API, Apache JackRabbit, Apache Sling, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

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