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Hugo M.

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Freelancer NossaA.

"Hugo has a clear, polite and straight communication.
He's read all the documentation I post along with the project and made a bid with some information about how his profile matched the project.
As we evolved, he kept giving me feedback about his progressions.
Also, he could understand the code style and keep the same standards.

It was a very good experience."

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Sobre mí
I am full-stack web application developer with 7+ years of experience in solving problems with PHP, Ruby On Rails and JavaScript using it to build world-class applications for almost eight years now. I am well skilled in the following: Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, HTML (Haml/ERB), CSS (SCSS, Twitter Boobstrap), Javascript (jQuery, jQueryUI, Node.js, Backbone.js), Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite), Git/Github/Heroku/Openshift/Bitbucket. In the beginning of my career I also worked with .NET (C#, ASP.NET), Java (Spring, Struts, Eclipse, NetBeans). I have also more than 3 years of experience administrating Unix/Linux servers in Amazon EC. I'm also taking classes right now in Machine Learning (Octave) and Data Science (R). Highly motivated self-learner, having excellent communications skills and ability to work as a team player as well as an individual. My mail skill is web development, using Ruby On Rails or PHP in combination with Javascript and Linux/Unix servers.
Historia laboral
Desde el 2007 me dedico profesionalmente al desarrollo de software en distintas tecnologías, entornos y lenguajes. Inicialmente fui programador bajo relación de dependencia en dos empresas (Acriter S.A., Beapp S.A.), la primera dedicada a fabricar soluciones transaccionales personalizadas para entidades comerciales y financieras y la segunda, a hacer aplicaciones web y mobile para diferentes dispositivos.

Desde el 2010 trabajo de manera independiente como consultor y desarrollador para diferentes clientes, entre ellos GM2DEV y CLC.
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