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Cristiano A. F.

Professional Translator and Helicopter Pilot

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Tradução do Português para o Espanhol

Sobre mí
Experienced translator with many articles and books translated from Spanish to English to Portuguese.
Have lived in 6 different countries wich brings a good level and fluency and also very good local knowledge.

Also a experienced helicopter pilot with knowledge of technical manuals and engeneering vocabulary.

ATPL(H) Air Transport Pilot License (ANAC PLAH)
Total Flight Hours: 2300 hours

ATPL(H), IFRH, H135, H145, BK 117, AS350, H269, R22, R44, CFI and CFII.
IFRH Simulator Instructor
FFS Full Flight Simulator Instructor at ADAC HEMS Academy, Germany
External Load Bambi Bucket Training Course
CRM Course at Air Safety Assessoria
ANAC ATPL(H) and IFRH (Brasil)

English – ICAO 5 Fluent
Spanish – Fluent
Portuguese – Native language
Danish – Basic


Offshore Pilot flying the H135 on Petrobrás contracts.

Efai Flight School in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
FFS Full Flight Simulator Instructor for EC135 e EC145/BK17 - ADAC HEMS Academy, Germany
Flight Instructor H269 Schweizer and AS350 Ecureuil. 

Ratings of Robinson R44 and R22 including visual corridors, helipoints in São Paulo and nigh flight over the largest city in Brazil.

Fligh Check. Conversion from EASA CPLH to ANAC CPLH.

Copilot multi-engine Bell-412 and KA-32 KAMOV, including mountain flight. Total of 144 flight hours, 508 external loads with Bambi-Bucket and 562 firefighters carried.

Bachelor in Tourism and Business Management. Dual citizenship (Italian - Brazilian) with valid passport and EASA JAA Commercial Pilot CPLH (Spain) and permanent visa to the United States.
Experience of having lived in 5 different countries, which brings a great knowledge of languages and a high level of flexibility; excellent interpersonal skills, communication skills, public presentation and high level in MS Office applications.

Experience with:
AS350 Ecureuil
Bell 412
EC 135
EC 145
Kamov KA32
Historia laboral
Commercial Helicopter Pilot with degree in Tourism and Business Management.
Translation experience with technical aviation books and manuals as well as translation of novel books and articles.
Have lived in 6 different countries which brings a large experience of local languages issues and differences.

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