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An experienced designer and frontend developer, with over three years of creative lead with Logo Design Guru, MycroBurst, Guru Corporation and the head of technical operations for the Spanish Speaking division of OC2Interactive LLC. Rob oversees product development and technology initiatives, this took him to lead the creative performance of OC2 Interactive for 2 years.

Rob earned his BS in Graphic Design and Communication from the University of Guadalajara, and has been involved in the computer technology, programming, and design industries for over ten years.

With all his experience, Rob is now freelancing for various companies around the globe.
Work history
Web Team Leader at Logo Design Guru - Ajijic, Mexico - 2009-2011

Creative Director at OC2 Interactive - Guadalajara, Mexico - 2011-2012

Now working on his own business project as Senior Web Designer at Maña Diseño - Guadalajara-Mexico City, Mexico - Since 2010
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