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I am writing to introduce myself as a skilled International Business English / Spanish translator with a good knowledge in handling SEO writing;  at the same I would highly appreciate to have an interview with the Language Director from your prestigious educational institution, if possible.
I am a highly professional, results-driven TEFL teacher with experience in the development and delivery of language programs to a wide variety of clients encompassing diverse backgrounds, beginners to advanced, from students and migrants to business professionals.
My qualifications include a Professional TEFL Certificate and a Major in Teaching English and Literature. My professional experience includes over 15 years as an English teacher in Colombia and almost 5 years preparing students from universities and high school for the International Exams required by foreign countries and the Colombian government, such as the FCE, TOEFL, and Michigan among others.  On the other hand, I have worked for over 15 years as well as an Executive Bilingual Secretary and Translator to many multinational companies, as you may evidence in my Curriculum.
As major in English Literature and Diploma in International Business translator my skills cover: Good communication skills; able to think clearly and act quickly; able to stay calm in difficult situations and technical aptitude.  Having studied this major qualifies me to develop in fields such as Advertising Account Exec; Copy Writer; Claims Examiner; Corporate Trainer; Researcher/Writer; Special Events Coordinator; Community Relations Director; Education Director; Journalist; Writer/Author and Translator handling SEO writing.
As a teacher and trainer in Apple Co. and other private companies, I oversaw the instruction of over 60 students and personally trained five instructors. This role demanded the regular creation of learning materials, the teaching of lessons, workshops and intensive courses, the preparation of progress reports and delivery of in-house testing and instructor evaluations. I oversaw a period where one of the companies achieved the best student retention rates in the country and was commended for my performance.  While doing these activities I have worked successfully doing international business translations for almost all the departments within the different companies.
I have gained a wealth of experience teaching business clients a range of business communication skills through five-day intensive language courses. This involved developing customized materials for each client group, and in some cases programs tailored to individual clients.
With my skills, international experience and love for language, I believe I would be an ideal fit for your institution. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you to deliver the highest standards of English  and Spanish language  translator and look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.
Yours sincerely,

Patricia Gomez C.
Historia laboral
BOTTOM LINE    International Business Translator and Executive Bilingual Secretary.  Professional skills as a Translator handling SEO writing and Major in Teaching English and Literature with broad experience in multinational  companies working for General Managers, Division Managers, Vice-presidents an Executive Directors. Administrative skills, in the Human Resource field within others.      

SKILLS     Excellent professional and personal decision making and problem solving skills.
Ability to work under pressure, and in the meeting of deadlines.  Fluent in written and spoken English. Experience with word processors and Microsoft Office software tools (Macintosh and PC) and Windows.  Practical experience translating all type of items related to the communication, legal, international business, marketing fields and many others.

Current  Private English Teacher for Apple Colombia, and other National and Multinational companies and schools.
Preparing students for the FCE, TOEFL,  IELTS, GRE exams.

Freelance Translator to various National and Multinational companies with a good knowledge in handling SEO writing.  My expertise has been in translating children’s books, mining, oil, marketing reports and projects.

Oct. 2009- Dec. 2012

June 2008-Sept.2009    Private English Teacher for Apple Colombia, and other National and Multinational companies and schools.
Preparing students for the FCE, TOEFL,  IELTS, GRE exams.

Freelance Translator to various National and Multinational companies with a good knowledge in handling SEO writing.  My expertise has been in translating children’s books, mining, oil, marketing reports and projects.

Miami, Florida
Bilingual  Administrative Assistant for the General Manager
Translator and coordinator to the company.  Coordinator to all the Management office reporting to the General Manager.  Responsible for all issues pertaining Real Estate : Properties Report to Landlords, controlling  maintenance crews, bookkeeping staff  within others., location of new occupants,  screen applicants for credit issues and criminal activity. Market vacancies with advertisements and signs. Schedule and staff open houses. Prepare  of lease documents and Contracts. Execution of  lease on behalf of the owner. Monthly rent collection. Respond to tenant and landlords inquiries and complaints.  Schedule necessary repairs. Initiate legal eviction paperwork when necessary. Follow up on eviction proceedings and work directly with attorneys for prompt removal of tenant to minimize costs. Other responsibilities such as: Full knowledge of the Real Estate laws in the USA. Provide monthly statements of receipts and expenditures. Remit receipts net of management fee to owner. Provide annual summary of expenses. Security deposit escrow. Security refunds. Rent collection, Tenant communication. Bill payment.  Owner distribution. Monthly financial reports. Site inspection. Coordination of maintenance repairs.  Lease renewal.  Unit inspection .
Sales: Reception of telephone calls and chat attendance  making sure possible clients receive a proper an immediate answer on properties within the Florida State and distribution list to Realtors. 

DRUMMOND LTD. Bogotá, Colombia
    Analyst Translator and Administrative Assistant to the Financial and Administrative  Manager.-

Goals    Coordinator and translator of all the Corporative Office translations and some
percentage coming  from the Port and Mine offices.
Assist the Financial and Administrative Manager and the department in Cash Flow, attention to all administrative functions such as keeping supplies up to date for the Cafeteria, Stationary, Sodexho, Auto-snack for the entire corporate office.

Accomplishments    Completed: Organized and created a real data base and follow up of translations and


    Temporal secretarial assignments and translations.
1.    Personal Classes to Children and Executives in Multinational companies
2.    The Newman School FCE and TOEFL Trainee.
3.    Proficiency – TEFL English Teacher
To  Schlumberger Co. , Chevron Co. , Florida Homes Intl., Oxy and other contractors within others.  Translation of children’s and New Age books.

February 2003    CORPORACION COLOMBIA DIGITAL NATION, Bogotá, Colombia            
Executive Bilingual Secretary and Translator to the Executive Director – and reporting to the Senior support of the Corporation as well.  Translation and preparation of documents and agenda fortnightly meetings, as well as Minutes.
To handle Director's agenda, make and receive phone calls, receive, distribute and answer mails, do translations, make travel and transport arrangements, prepare programs for visitors. General administration duties, such as to supervise  messenger,  Cleaning employees, transport and stationery budgets, to keep a reasonable stock of stationery and office supplies, to process payments and to negotiate prices with direct and general suppliers, to distribute all
incoming mail.

Goals    To assist all goals and tasks provided by the Executive Director.  Administration
Accomplishments     Completed in all its extension.

October 6  2001

Executive Bilingual Secretary to the Financial Vice-president:    – reporting to the Vice-president and five more Senior and Junior Financial Coordinators.
Preparation of documents and agenda fortnightly meetings as well as of the Board Meetings and many other financial monthly reports to be released by the Financial Division.  Problem solving of all kind of requirements coming from VIP Comcel's clients.

Goals    Creation of the Vice-presidents Division Library
Accomplishments: Fulfilled.

March 1990 - 2002    CASA DE MODAS PATRICIA DE  SANTACRUZ  - NIGHTWAY                     
Owner and creator of my own business as a high quality Customs Designer  Administrative and designing skills are required daily as well as Public Relations performance dealing with clients.  The English language has been of great importance in my daily work dealing every once-in-a-while, person to person or by phone, with my foreign customers as well as with various textile suppliers
Special sales and customers’ courses in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Colombia.    Invited to assist to various international commerce courses and conferences organized by PROEXPORT in order to promote and motivate the exportation of my product.

Goals:    To export a high quality product from my own creation.
Accomplishments:     Fulfilled, regardless the Latin America business went down in Manhattan (Garment District)
1987 –1 989    SHELL INC.,  Bogotá, Colombia                            
Executive Bilingual Secretary and Translator for the Exploration Division – reporting to the division Manager and six more Senior and Junior Managers.  Translation of financial, exploration and production documents related to the Oil field, marketing reports, legal agreements, and commercial letters released by the members of the division.

Goals:    To re-organize and install a functional filing system for the Exploration Department.
Accomplishments:     Excellent performance.

1986-1987    XEROX DE COLOMBIA, Bogotá, Colombia.                    
Executive Bilingual secretary and Translator to the Marketing Department for the Macintosh product – reporting to fifteen Senior Technical and Marketing Senior supports of the division plus the Manager itself.  Translation and preparation of documents and agenda fortnightly meetings, as well as Minutes.  Direct attention
to Macintosh customers, such as the introduction of the product, its software components and its various uses in the absence of any of the Senior Division Managers.

Goals:    To promote the Apple Macintosh product inside the Xerox company to the employees as well to the outsiders possible customers.  To have an excellent acknowledge of the product in order to give a perfect introduction of the Computer to anyone near by us.
Accomplishments    Completed in all its extension.

1984 - 1985

DOW QUIMICA DE COLOMBIA, Lepetit División, Bogotá, Colombia. Executive Bilingual Secretary and Translator to the Lepetit Division  – keep tracking and give support to twenty five National Medical Surveyors in their weekly performance to the Medicians in Colombia who uses or might give a use to  the Lepetit medicines (drugs); also to give secretarial support to the Manager itself.  Translation and preparation of documents and  Medical Auctions.

Goals    To study and develop, in connection with the Information Systems Department, the  “Medical Support program for Surveyors” regarding the Lepetit department.

Accomplishments:    Dow in Mexico City adopted and implemented the Manual I developed of this
program in all Latin and North America.
1982 - 1984    COGRA LEVER – UNILEVER S.A. Executive Bilingual Secretary and Translator
1980 - 1981    UNITED STATES EMBASSY OF AMERICA IN COLOMBIA Receptionist and Coordinator to the Switchboard and Translator


UNIVERSITY    Universidad de La Sabana  (5 semesters – Business Administration)
Escuela de Administración de Negocios EAN  (2 semestres – Business
Major in English language and Literature, at the AIU,  Honolulu, Hawaii
OTHER    British Council – Advance Translation course. 1990
Diploma in International Business Translation  (in Finance terms  – Legal terms,
Banking terms and Marketing terms)  –  2001 -  EAN College
Member of the Colegio Colombiano de Traductores - CCT  since 2001
TEFL Certificate – Teaching English as a Foreign Language-  2006
    3 months Life Coaching:  Time Management and the 7 habits.  Certificated by
Franklin Covey.  Stanford, Connecticut, (203) 325-2045
TEFL Certificate – Teaching English as a Foreign Language -. Bogotá Colombia. April 22th, 2006. Bogotá, Colombia 6192277. (Noga La’or)
BACHELOR IN TEACHING ENGLISH AND LITERATURE  - Atlantic International University, Hawaii, U.S.A

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