Diego S. freelancer experto en C++, SQL, C, C#, Delphi

Diego S.

Freelance beginner. Problem-solving expert.

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> Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at UFRGS (Porto Alegre, Brazil). One year academic experience abroad, at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (Lyon, France). 4+ years of professional experience with software development in local companies. Just beginning my career as part-time freelancer :)
> Passionate about software design and problem solving. I prize mostly three things in development: good, descriptive naming; thorough testing; and helpful documentation. Source code is written exclusively in English. Documentation may be composed in either English, Portuguese or French, to your choice.
> I do not attempt to apply one generic solution for all projects. Instead, I will listen to your needs and implement solutions that are well thought out, easily maintainable and, above all, very specific to the business requirements.
> Please note that I favor keeping a limited, specialized set of skills, rather than being a "multi-purpose handyman". This ensures my proficiency will be adequate to perform any task efficiently, with a great level of commitment and excellence. That is why I work better as a collaborator.
Historia laboral
[1.5 year] intern/trainee at Nelogica Sistemas de Software Ltda. (Porto Alegre, Brazil) -- Delphi, Windows Server, SQL Server
[2 months] summer internship at SAP Labs Latin America (São Leopoldo, Brasil) -- Drools, Gamification Platform
[2.5 years] full-time software developer at Falker Automação Agrícola Ltda. (Porto Alegre, Brazil) -- C++, SQL, Qt, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Open Source Software, Geographic Information Systems

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