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Trabalho como tradutora freelance Inglês / Português e Português / Inglês. Também faço legendagem e transcrições.
Tenho um webiste chamado "Assim como a Fênix", dois livros publicados pela Amazon Brasil e sou editora da página do Facebook "Recalculando a Rota", bem como escritora-colaboradora do referido site.
Historia laboral
My name is Angélica, I'm from Brazil and my degree is as Human Resource Supervisor of Training & Development.
I'm currently living in Luxembourg and I work as a freelance writer and translator.
For me, one of my clever goals was when I first decided to study a little harder and take my English to the next level to become a translator. I’ve taught English before and I enjoyed it, but translation has always seemed more interesting for me because it's a lonely job that depends on me, my skills and a laptop. Oh, and cups of coffee, of course. Lots of! ;)
When I'm not working, I like being with my family, friends and exploring the beautiful sights of Luxembourg.

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