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My main role in my Career is being an agile Fullstack, what does this mean?, Does it mean I can do a whole project alone?, Does it mean that i'm a lone wolf not able to work in team? , Am i Antisocial?... Well, those are some misconceptions about my skills, being a Fullstack is not being a super developer capable of substituting a full development team and developing at the same speed as that development team. Being a fullstack means to know every step in the process of a development project, even to set it into production, being able to work indistinctly at any position of the process.

My main stack of development is Angularjs (forntend) + Ruby on Rails (Backend) + Postgresql(DB), using Docker to encapsulate the microservices generated through Rails by engines, all this is driven by Design Thinking and Agile methodologies, leading to well executed sprints. Since I understand root programming logic instead of learning just a language, I can understand new languages very fast making me a Fast learner.
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IBM: My main role in IBM is to provide Business Transformation consultancy, during my stay i've developed skills for assessment, implementation and project management, all this within the Industries in which i've been working, such as: -Retail -Logistics -Banking. Also i've been working with Modular application development with the Stack AngularJs + Java Spring + MongoDB.

Lithoformas: As a Programmer Analyst my first role was to develop solutions for our clients regarding billing systems, our solution was cloud based, making this the first Billing Cloud-based System on the market. The given solution was an integration to our core system in Azure for each client. Another of my undertaken roles was Tech Support for all the clients that had already our integration online. During my stay at Lithoformas i developed and rose skills such as Windows Azure solutions development, Visual Studio 2010 and C #, Customer tracking, providing fast and reliable solutions and Customer contact.

Digisoft: Digisoft is a Software company stablished in México. My main role in Digisoft was to provide reliable solutions for our clients, creating desktop aplications for them to Manage digisoft systems. Also i was in charge of the client support on-site, this work rose my skills with client contact.

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