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Having Masters in Computer Network Engineering
Around 10+ years of Software testing experience in Networking equipment manufacturing companies
Experienced in leading groups of people towards delivering excellence. I believe in team work that delivers a whole that is greater than the sum of the individual parts
Mentored and trained engineers and believe in setting examples for others
Drive effective communication and collaboration between work sites across various geographies around the globe.
Product inception, planning, monitoring, delivery and maintenance kindle my interest. Been a part of the delivery process; understand each step in building an efficient and quality product. 
Managed multiple projects over the years and have developed the skill of negotiation and generating a synergy between various teams.
Experience in manual and Automation testing, Perl scripting.
Worked in Agile and having hands on experience with CI system’s Jenkins tools.
Experience in Barracuda Load Balancers and Application Delivery Controller Testing
Experience in Cloud Testing with Amazon web services (AWS)  and Microsoft Azure( MS AZURE)
Experience in Layer4-Layer 7 Features testing which includes, TCP, UDP, TCP Proxy, HTTP, HTTPs, Instant SSL, FTP, RDP, SNMP.
Experience in System Testing of Manufacturing Test for Barracuda ADC, Firmware Upgrades/Reverts, Energizer Upgrades, Services Testing, Access Logs, Audit Logs , Export Logs, Reports, Analytics.
Experience in Deploying Virtual Machines (VMs) on VMWare ESXi, Citrix XEN, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Box.
Experience in Setting up Test beds for ADC, VMs, Customer Test case Scenarios.
Experience in High Level API testing for Spirent Test Center Traffic Generators and Landslide Traffic Generator
Experience in Automation support for Juniper and Cisco Customers for High-level API automation.
Experience in testing of routers and firewalls, which include functional, testing of class of service and QOS, related testing with respect to Product Limitations.
Testing includes: Class of service, firewall, Filters, Policer, QOS, DHCP relay, IPv4 stack
Experience in L2/L3 protocol testing like, OSPF, BGP, IGMP,PIM, MLD,DHCP,FCOE, PPPoE, L2TP, MPLS and many more at Spirent Communications
Experience in research and development in wireless sensor networks, medical image processing and computer networks domain.
Performed Functional Testing, Scaling/ Performance /Stress Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke tests and Daily Sanities.
Expertise in Manual Testing Methodologies and have experience in using and testing Spirent Test Centre,  Agilent Traffic generators and Ixia traffic generators
Well versed in designing new test cases, executing the test cases, Defect Reporting and Tracking the defects to closure.
Good hands-on experience in CLI commands, SRX series Router
Deep understanding of Juniper Routers, its working, and different states of routers.
Experience with Version Control Tools : CVS, Perforce, SVN and GIT
Experience with Bug Tracking Tools like JIRA, Siebel, GNATs, Bugzilla, Sales force.
Experience with Operating systems including Windows and Unix Flavors.
Historia laboral
Barracuda Networks, Bangalore — Sr Software Q.A .Engineer
Sept 2014 - PRESENT
Worked on L4 - L7 Protocol Testing, AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, Load Balancers, Application Delivery Controllers, Fast Distribution Controller, Web Application Firewalls.
Spirent Communications, Bangalore — Sr P. V. Engineer
Nov 2011 - Aug 2014
Worked on L2-L3 Protocol Testing, High Level Test API Testing, Spirent Testcenter (STC), Spirent Landslide Products. OSPF, BGP, IGMP, FCOE, PPPoE,L2TP and many more.
Juniper Networks, Bangalore — Q.A. Engineer
Dec 2008- Nov 2011
Worked on Testing features like Class of service, firewall, Filters, Policer, QOS, DHCP relay, HA, SRX Series Routers and Firewalls.

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