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Redacción y Traducción

Sobre mí
Relevant Areas of Terminology I work and have worked with as a translator/interpreter

Business including legal (contracts; licensing, technical, cooperation agreements)
Bidding specifications
Press kits, presentations, brochures, reports, web sites
Corporate management. Internal reports/documents, policies, procedures, ISO, GMP, QS, Six Sigma
Tech specs, MSDS, manuals, operating instructions
Oil and Gas: Upstream and downstream operations
PPE, HS&E policies, OSHA, ASTM
Steelmaking processes
Waste management, landfilling, landfarming, hazardous waste
Oil spills, emergency planning, preparedness response, recovery capabilities
Agriculture and agribusiness 
IT, telecoms, software localization, LANs/WANs
Magazine and newspaper articles
Writing, proof-reading, editing and upgrading
CD/DVD transcriptions
White papers and reports
Tele/Videoconference interpreting
Historia laboral
Turner Broadcasting System, Buenos Aires - Atlanta
WOBI (World of Business Ideas)
Admiralty Law Legal & Claims Managers (online business correspondence and translation)

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