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I worked in systems area for the last 21 years. My professional experience and knowledge has been formed in many environments and IT responsibilities. I really love my work and career, this motivated me to grow and seek expanded horizons and challenges to make me a great professional and worker.
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DataCenter CTO, Senior en SYT SA
ago 2014 - jun 2015
This company is based on Datacenter services such as Webhosting, VPS Hosting PPS Hosting, Housing, VOD, IPTV and Open Source software based for business solutions.
My daily tasks involve the management of physical and virtual farm servers under Linux and Microsoft platforms, which serve to webhosting (panels) and VPS / PPS.
Our Communications also have three ISP links (one national and two internationals) based on internal BGP networks and two internal networks one for internal customer (LAN) and the other for customer service (DMZ). Border and internal network security also are part of communication tasks every day.
Are also under my responsibility, deal with structured cabling, as well as the emerging engineerings clients business necessity.
The VOD platform, which allows distribution of Video Streaming service within a network of 2500 customers, downloading content from providers, conversion HLS low Elemental or Ateme software and the subsequent intake server Anevia VM + for consumption from customers through STBs.
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IT Manager, Operations Responsible SemiSenior en CARDIF SEGUROS S.A.
jun 2012 - jul 2014
The company's main businesses are commercialization and sale of all kind of insurance, via call center, electronic media and other sales channels.
I have served in the IT Area, as a responsible for communications and Servers administration. My diary tasks were users (ABM) on AD or company applications , environments administration like Testing, Development and Production of different applications. Change Control, Security Control from OS Software (MIcrosoft and Linux platforms), Management communications LAN, DMZ and WAN, Security Management (Patches and Updates applied on OS) and edge (Firewall, proxy and content Control) Control Backups and Restores, Administration and testing disaster recovery sites.
Among my personal achievements, there is the compilation and development of the documentation of the processes of critical tasks in the sector, as well as special training in technologies such as VMware ESXi, IBM WEBSPHERE, BGP routing protocols data.
One of the most important projects was the rewiring and rearranged of all positions inside the DataCenter, involving communications and servers racks.

Senior Networking Engineer and Servers Admin Senior en GMS SA
sep 2008 - jun 2012
GMS SA. is a software development company and Services addressed to the Health and Government sector. Has five distinct departments: Communications, Servers, Support, Database and Development.
I have developed as head of Communications, performing maintenance of links, trackers, Design and Installation of engineer service, administration of VPNs, Billing.
Some of my achievements were the design and implementation of an NOC, staff training and supervision of the sector. I also developed two projects as a leader, one for urban security where the design, survey, installation and commissioning of a complete security system with video surveillance in San Fernando and Chivilcoy was performed. Also performed the design and installation of horizontal and vertical wiring Sacred Heart Sanatorium for Social Work OSECAC, where the full CPD was installed, including communications, servers, video surveillance, etc.

Atek SA, is a small company that is dedicated on supporting communications and servers to large enterprises. Basically we managed communications, drove the ISPs and service incidents. We gave support to 1st and 2nd level users as well.
I was in charge of the project regarding migration of network equipment from L2 to L3 for one of the largest customers of the company where engineering for structured cabling level security services design, and implement the tasks in all branches country.
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IT Manager, Operations Responsible SemiSenior en ATEK SA
may 2006 - sep 2008
Atek SA, is a small company that is dedicated to supporting communications and servers to large enterprises. Basically we administered communications, we drove the ISPs and service incidents. Likewise also we gave support 1st and 2nd level users.
I was in charge of the project of migration of equipment networking from L2 to L3 of one of the largest customers of the company where engineering for structured cabling level security services design, and implement the tasks in all branches country.
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IT Manager, Operations Responsible, Project L SemiSenior en INSIEME TECNOLOGIAS
may 2002 - abr 2006
The company is intended on planning and installation of structured cabling infrastructure for data and communications, electronic security and electrical supply .
I have developed as a project leader in engineering projects for the installation of DataCenters , Electronic Security , Horizontal and Vertical Cabling Fiber Optic and Copper Cat6A.
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Server Administrator, First and Second Level Junior en AMSI SA
ene 1999 - abr 2002
First and Second Support levels for end users. Windows and Unix Server Administration. Microsoft Integration Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises .
One of my most important achievements was to perform a migration in a chain of hotels in its management platform and public support, replacing it with Small Business Server, integrating Exchange Server, ISA Server, SQL Server, Sharepoint Services, for and intranet consulting, group workgroup colaboration and application development to the customer , therefore, improving radically the organization of the company and the methodology of work.
I learned techniques of project management , supplier management , teamwork , and coordination of efforts between areas .
IT Manager, Operations Responsible, Project L Junior en GRUPO KRIKORIAN SA
may 1996 - dic 1998
This job was my first approach to the IT area, performing first level support , maintenance and repair of end user hardware.
My work consisted in customer service on one hand and laboratory work on the other.
One of my achievements was the implementation of the accounting and billing system under a Windows NT 4.0 platform centralized on active user accounts, user folders and PCs, also communication was centralized with Microsoft Exchange Server 6.0 where email,fax and dialup communications were integrated.

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