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Luis Y.

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Bachelor in Computer Science, working on IT for nine years. Currently working as BI Architect.

Solid knowledge and Experience in many retail projects, exploring data in SQL Server, developing ETL solutions with SQL Integration Services, designing strategic reports and dashboards for the business using MS Excel (with SQL connections), SQL Reporting Services, MS Power BI and Tableau. Intending to give insights, understanding patterns and behaviors existing in the data, granting smarts decisions for the business.

Technical expertise:
- MS Excel (Functions, Pivot Tables, SQL Connections, Charts)
- MS Power BI (Data Sets, Reports, Dashboards, DAX Functions, Calculated fields/measures)
- MS SQL Server (Data Mining, Data Modeling, Views, Procedures, Triggers, Automated Jobs, Integration Services, Reporting Services)
- Python (Data Exploring/Cleanse/Standardization, Numpy, Pandas, Jupyter Notebooks for result sharing)
- Salesforce - Einstein Analytics (Apps management, Data Sets, Dashboards, querying in SAQL, JSON Modeling, Custom Steps)
- Tableau (Data Sets, Dashboards, Stories, Calculated fields/measures)
Historia laboral
Iniciando nos projetos como freelancer para aumentar minha receita mensal e adquirir mais experiência em áreas de negócio que ainda não sou familiar, podendo garantir bons resultados com minha expertise em análise de dados e BI.

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