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Mário S. C. M.

I develop software that empowers people

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I develop software that empowers people because It feels good when I see them reaching their objectives in a faster and smarter way.

I am passionate about what I do and after fifteen years of software development I am just getting started. There is so much to learn and to accomplish!

Nowadays I am a Ruby developer and I use the Ruby on Rails framework to deliver great software to my clients.

Please, check out my specialities and professional experience. If you feel that I can help you to reach your goals, please get in contact with me. I will be pleased to help.
Historia laboral
* LIB/UFPI: Software development in PHP and Ruby for an international organ transplant research project. I developed the EpViX tool, a software capable of performing virtual crossmatches between a single donor and thousands of possible recipients in a matter of seconds. All to find the best donor-recipient pair for transplantation. This is by far the most important software I have ever made.

* Jus Navigandi: Software development in Ruby for the Jus Navigandi website, the biggest advocate website in Brasil. Their time is just awesome. I learned a lot in a short period of time. We upgrade their old website (to new Ruby and Rails versions) and added new features.

* Credishop: Software development in Java and Ruby for a credit card company. Together with a great team of developers, I developed many tools that made internal processes a lot faster.

* Credishop: Software development in Java for health insurance solutions. This was my first concrete experience in programming. We developed so many great things! First the JHeat framework (static application generator using Hibernate, Struts, Tiles, etc) and then two health insurance solutions: Uniplam and Iapep Saúde.

* Jotal: User training and computer maintenance. My first job. What can I say? I learned a lot there: operating the internal software, maintaining computers, producing complex Excel reports, training new employees, etc. It was a great experience.

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