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Sobre mí
When Leonardo was a kid, he dreamed about new airplanes that he drew in squared paper notebooks. Any given Saturday, he met a computer when he was only 12 years old. Love at first sight. That shining graphics inspired him to start a journey. Two years later, he learned a programming language called BASIC and he enjoyed playing video games on some MSX computers. Then he became the computer lab guy in his high school.

Leonardo started his professional career when was hired by Lockheed Martin. That experience of 8 years was career imprinting.

Leonardo is a third-generation specialist on aircraft/aerospace industry, and his children are currently studying to become the fourth generation. He has a continuous 17 years ICT career track, working for companies with different sizes and industries, including Lockheed Martin, EDS (now HP Enterprises), Gameloft, IBM, IUA, Sykes Enterprises, CONAE and Intel Security.
Historia laboral
* Red 5 SAT (Information Technology and Services): The World as We see it

Science inspires us.
Science drives us to push the limits.

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* Coder Dojo Cordoba (Nonprofit Organization Management): CoderDojo is a fun and social space where young people, between 7 and 17, can go to explore technology together and get advice and support from skilled mentors. In Dojos young people get the opportunity to make apps, websites, games, play with robotics and more! CoderDojo Cordoba is part of the global CoderDojo movement, providing free and open learning to youth, with an emphasis on computer programming. Our mission is to introduce young people to the joy of computing. We provide a fun learning environment for students and parents alike, breaking down barriers, challenging social and economic stereotypes, and empowering youth to shape their world through code.

* Make IT CTL (Computer Software): Make IT Workers Cooperative Ltd.

* Associate, member of the founding group
* Administration Board President

* Software Developer

          * Game
          * Applications

Development platforms
          * Android
          * iOS
          * Windows Phone
          * Blackberry 10

      * Node.js
      * Asp.Net
      * REST

      * Wordpress
      * Drupal

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