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Andre L.

Senior Development Electronic Engineer (PMP)

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Electronic engineer and electronic technician, experienced on development of automated equipment, embedded process control and system integration, having worked on R&D of projects for the most varied applications such as: Vehicles, Phones, Image, Medical, Chemical and Energy.

Worked on design of electronic products in various knowledge areas:
> Hardware layout with some CADs ( Altium Designer, Mentor Graphics, P-CAD, Eagle, Protel99 )
> Software program on high level languages and toolset ( QT, JAVA, C++Builder, Delphi, Android )
> Firmware in ASM or C language for many cores ( ARM7, PSoC, dsPIC, 51, MSP430, Z84, AVR )
> Automation: PLC IEC 61131-3 standard ST and IL languages ( Beckhoff )
> FPGA design using VHDL hardware description language ( XILINX )

Final graduation engineering project based on ASIC design ( Edge/Cadence ) by schematic capture, developed an integrated circuit ( IC ) on courses "Microelectronic 1-2" on which applied more than 300 standard cells from ES2 library.

With an extensive history of designs done either as freelancer or as employee.

Giving part time support as Moderator for 2 forums, one in English and other in Portuguese, both related to the electronic scope.

Having European citizenship, may work on countries members from CE, no visa required.
Historia laboral
--------BITHIUM--------    ( Oct 2017 - Dec 2017 )
Firmware for cordless embedded system

--------UPWORK--------    ( Jul 2017 - Sep 2017 )
Development of PCB board for a power monitoring system with Altium Designer 16 and firmware with AtMega1280 based on WinAVR-2110 C compiler. It consists of a system that reads the current and voltage of 12 circuit breakers and sends a report via serial communication to the supervisory system:

--------MAIS SOLUCOES INTELIGENTES--------  ( Nov 2016 – Jan 2017 )
Programmed firmware by using AVR gcc toolchain, embedded in trucks and excavators of a minning company located at the State of MG, purposed to log the workaday site production by storing GPS positioning into local SDcard along with net weigh and time, thereafter uploading whole recorded data to central server with Xbee.

--------EDDY WIRELESS--------  ( Mar 2014 – Oct 2014  )
Programmed a simple Android showing application for a Smart Metering system with Java language.

--------LOGS SISTEMAS ELETRONICOS LTDA--------  ( Dec 2012 – Dec 2013 )
Design of access control system based on identification of personal vessels patterns through Infrared back illumination. For the image enhancement it was employed the OpenCV library, and for the Webcam parameters setup was used DirectX framework.

--------4MRSOLUTIONS--------  ( Dec 2010 – Dec 2011 )
Redesign of electronic 6-layers PCB board of an embedded 4-channel DVR equipment, using a Mentor Graphics CAD tool ( PADS-2009 ). The main improvement had been the addition of an onboard IDE/SATA chipset converter for what had been used SI techniques such as differential pair routing, as well controled lenght matching.

--------MASTERROM MICROELETRONICA LTDA--------  ( Jun 2001 – Apr 2003 )
Development of many control boards for a wide variety of equipments for many customers :
> X-ray control board ( )
> Ice maker ( )
> Electric cell meter ( )
> Car alarm system Pager based ( )
Note: Excepted first project above, all others were concluded, produced and traded.

--------FORCEWARE TECNOLOGIA ELETRONICA--------  ( Dec 2001 – Dec 2002 )
Designed a microprocessed mainboard to control a 3KVA UPS, sinusoidal output, LCD display, and PC serial communication interface. This project was executed part time ( along ~1,5 years ).

--------ICAMO--------  ( Jan 2001 – Jun 2001 )
Design of a microcontroled main board for steam sterilizer equipment ( Autoclave ).

--------REDSTAR--------  ( Aug 2000 – Dec 2000 )
Designed a billboard LED panel with simple animations ( scroll left-right )

--------MZI PROJETOS ELETRONICOS-------- { previously called EPLAYOUT }
Dates EmployedAug 1998 – Aug 1999  Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
Location São Paulo Area, Brazil
Designed smal projects for third partiers customers, such as:
-- phone call locker
-- washing machine board ( replacement version )

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