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I’m a guy passionate for web development and moved by challenges. Being self-taught, my experience with the Open Source world has taught me what I master nowadays. I like to innovate, break paradigms in favor of what’s good, imposing organization.
Historia laboral
Lead Python Engineer — Social Branding LA
Santos, Brazil — 2010-2012
(python - django - postgresql - linode - xhtml - javascript - mandoojs - highcharts)
All the gathered knowledge and some more were applied in the SB projects, mainly in a platform for mining and deep analysis of social media data (extracted from Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, YouTube and a few more) to supply the needs of big companies including Microsoft, Globo, Vivo and Honda. A very good experience, with super motivating challenges!


Traffic Analyst / Web Developer — Terra Networks Brasil SA
São Paulo, Brazil — 2012
(python - django - linode - html5 - google-analytics)
I had the opportunity to build a tool for dynamically display banners for the Olympics, from the server infrastructure to every single byte of code, and I had to deal with a huge data traffic. A temporary contract that yielded me a magnificent experience in an excellent work atmosphere.


Senior Frontend Developer — ESPN Brasil (through HE:Labs)
São Paulo, Brazil — 2013-2014
(html5 - javascript - jquery - sass - ruby - python)
The most challenging mission I had thus far, working with an awesome team: rebuild the ESPN Brasil web site and some other projects under the pressure of commercial partners and of having thousands of people viewing our work simultaneously. I learned a lot about new techniques, frameworks and have a lot of story to tell.


Senior Web Developer — The Brand Machine
São Paulo, Brazil — 2014-2015
(python - django - amazon-web-services - html5)
I faced challenging projects regarding the presidential elections; we took all the web development demand to boost the active campaigns. Our candidate didn’t win the elections, unfortunately, but it was a heck of a responsibility and experience.


Senior Python Engineer — Titans Group — São Paulo, Brazil — 2015
(python - flask - celery - rabbitmq - python-asyncio - mysql - amazon-web-services - html5)
This one was such a huge step forward in my career. I worked with a team of brilliant minds integrating some trending mobile products from the biggest carriers in Brazil. There I met the infrastructure offered by AWS and techniques to deliver highly available services to thousands of requests per minute and developed a platform to perform mass SMS advertising.


Senior Web Developer — YACOWS
São Paulo, Brazil — 2015-2016
(python - django - celery - redis - html5 - puppet - parse.com - thumbor)
While I was striving through Brazil’s crisis, YACOWS came in offering me a lighter job. Their projects were mostly websites for famous TV and radio channels of our country, based on an in-house CMS platform (Opps). Among the daily tasks, I helped to boot up a few projects, standardized the company deployment process and solved some problems related to high-traffic.


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