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*  Cover Letter
I like to think that there is nothing more powerful that change the mind, the real true challenger, is develop the courage to live the life with passion and no fear to fail. To reach goals I want to reach, I start for unsubscribing to thoughts that holding me back, regular jobs only give me a regular shaped live, and the world is not regular at all, is an amazing place, like an adventure game with no predefined road.
To find my north, I have to learn to be a winner and start raises the standards, doing amazing stuff with amazing persons that already they stepped forward to change their lives.
* Overview of me
Well now let's talk a little about my, I am passionate about web technologies since at least 8 years, I start study physic, but at some point I find myself spend more time programming just for fun, so I changed my career to studying Informatics. Since then I started to test with a lot of stacks, like e.g: CakePHP, SpringMVC, Golang. With the idea of creating a super optimised Marketplace (, a year ago, I realised that, is more effective use a complete JavaScript stack of technologies and APIs, now I use, Express, Angular, Firebase, Algolia, Cloudinary, etc. Theses APIs, are more specialised and I do not need a lot of code to do something, With the idea of spending more time on what really matters. Well, that is me, big dreams here.

Thanks for reading me.
Any feedback will be very helpful.
# Experiencia con varias tecnologías:

* Angular 1.X - The JavaScript framework
* Angular 2
* TypeScript
* FireBase - The real time RESTful NoSql database
* Algolia - The real time RESTful Search Engine     
* NODE     
* Bootstrap - The HTML, CSS, and JS framework
Jasmine - Behavior-driven development  framework for testing JavaScript code.   
jQuery - The most popular JavaScript Library. 
CakePHP 2.X - The php framework 
* Cloudinary - Cloud image service, upload, storage & CDN         
Yeoman - Scaffolding tool for modern webapps         
GoLang - The Go Programming Language
PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor
JAVA - General-purpose computer programming language 
MySql - The open source database
Google App Engine for JAVA - Cloud Platform       
Spring MVC 3.X - JAVA framework       
* Git - Version control system 
* HTML5 - The markup language   
Ajax - Asynchronous JavaScript
* CSS - Cascading Style Sheets       
* Gulp     
* heroku
* TypeScript
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Kind regards,
Prof. Romel Gomez

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