Jeferson F. G.

Software Developer at Ornitorrinko

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IT & Programación

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Workana: 7.552 de 828.715

IT & Programación: 2.627

Rankeado en Brasil: 1.495

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Proyectos finalizados: 2

Proyectos en curso: 1

Horas trabajadas: 15

Posición del perfil: Gold

Certificaciones: 2

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Calificaciones de clientes (2)

"Foi um ótimo trabalho! Profissional sempre dedicado e sempre disposto! Bons conhecimentos técnicos, ajudou com dicas de melhoria no projeto inclusive. Recomendo!"

Natalia V. Hace 2 años


"Ótimo profissional. Recomendo!"

Joelcio M. Hace 3 años

Compilação fazer o executável deste código fonte

Sobre mí

Determined to solve problems.

Systems analysts not only as a profession but as a different way of looking at things

Curious since childhood is interested in knowing how they worked from electronic equipment to corporate structures

As Judo fighter, takes the philosophy learned in the gym for the day to day, "The idea of considering others as enemies can only be madness and source of regression." Jigoro Kano

Fight to perfect

Historia laboral

* Ornitorrinko (Information Technology & Services): Architecting backend platforms
Research and evaluate the use of new technologies
Plan and implement continuous integration and code quality
Supporting the sales department in the pre-sale
Find Solutions for Technical Problems
Practice good humor

Certificaciones (2)

Año Examen Puntaje Percentil Estado
2013 Computer Skills Test 85% 95% Aprobado
2013 Linux Test 60% 38% Aprobado