Romina L.

Marketing & Sales Director @Preserva Mundi

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Marketing Digital

Sobre mí
* Experienced Marketing and Sales Professional

* Experienced Shipping operations management in the Americas

* Planned long and short term sales strategies and goals

* Analyzed market and competitors products

* Focused on custumer needs

* Passion for technology, social media, sustentability, holistic development, self-development, marketing & advertising.

Specialties: * Connect people for the good.

* Promote voluntary engagement at small communities in Brazil.

* Ecology & environment education

* Marketing and Sales planning for a major mining company in Brazil

* Managed day-to-day iron ore sales and shipping

* Experienced export analyst for Brazillian fashion industry

* Managed shipping and receiving operations for fruit in an Import/Export company between Brazil and the US

*Experience social midia marketing & advertising

*Experience in production of events
Historia laboral
* PRESERVA MUNDI: Sales management, clients prospects, market studies, visual identity review.

Contact all clients, and develop a new markt in Brazil of a natural supplemnt for the livestock, agricultural, gardening purposes.

Organic & natural food.

Desenvolvimento de Website para empresas atraves de plataformas como Weebly ou WIX.

Campanhas de midia social
Design de flyers , convites, e eventos online atraves do canvas.

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