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Daniel V.

Strategic Planning | Full Stack Developer

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- 5 years experience, Digital Marketing Director.
- Bachelor's degrees, Economics & Business Administration.
- Native Spanish Speaker, English bilingual proficiency, Portuguese working proficiency.
- Full Stack Web Developer.
- Search Engine Optimization Professional
- Web Data Analyst, Certified by Google.


It’s better to know more about your customer. I have experience in blending demographics with Digital Body Language, and providing valuable information aligned with your buyers’ journeys. The first rule of being interesting is first to be interested in your audience. I can effectively do this by using the concepts of personalized content to match ‘offers’ to ‘interests.’

Measurement always has been a core component of determining marketing effectiveness. I am always equipped with reports on key attributes about the buyer/user, channel, and offer to understand what works and what does not. It is important to have real-time ‘what if’ analytics to anticipate change, as well as real-time benchmarking solutions.

I am used to analyze an organization's competitive position by considering market and industry trends, existing and potential customers (internal and external), and strengths and weaknesses as compared to competitors. At the end I use all these information to make an specific and objective oriented strategy.

Advanced knowledge in: Web Development, Wordpress CMS, Linux Servers, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, SEO, SEM, Analytics, Adwords, Social Media, MySQL Databases. Basically a technology addict, specializing in improving processes with it.
Historia laboral
* Reversible Labs Intl, C.A: As Strategic Planning Director I have to ensure that the organization system, structure and culture are all aligned to the oganization's digital strategic plan and values. This means that every system and employee pull in the same direction. I work closely with the Finance department and HR departments to ensure that all planning and measurement system use the same lenguage and terminology. Research and education are fundamental as this sector grows and changes everyday, so I provide, up to date strategic research to the leadership of the company that helps to adjust the general strategy.

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