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About me
Blockode (Previously called FlexZim Technology) is a software development company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We serve businesses across Malaysia and globally helping them excel in their digital efforts by creating valuable online experiences.

To us design and development are more than just lines of code; we develop brands and digital experiences.

Are you facing these problems?
1) Lack of technical expertise.
2) Lack of competitive advantages.
3) Unnecessary cost on business.
4) Never leverage technology to generate more sales.
5) Lack of business credibility.
6) Lack of online presence and accessibility.

We are a team of passionate software developers with a wealth experience in software development that delivers the best possible reliable software solutions to our clients.

We help our clients by providing massive values with the software that we delivered.

Our Main Services
1) Mobile App Development
2) Web Design
3) Web App Development
4) Desktop App Development
5) Decentralized App Development
6) Server Hosting
7) Software Maintenance
8) Software Customization

We've already worked with many companies to help them to achieve cost-effective on online advertising, increase business credibility, generate more sales and other phenomenal results.

We would love to help you do the same.

#1 Customer Satisfaction
#720 Hours FREE Support
#100% High-End Services
Work history
PasarWalk (Android, iOS and Website)
PasarWalk is an online street market platform that allows people access to the street market, bazaar, night market (pasar malam), morning market (pasar pagi), stall, mobile truck, and food truck anywhere anytime. It enables you to use the smartphone to find those temporary businesses in Malaysia! These also allow stall owners and visitors to establish a strong connection which improves country economic growth.

Tromerce (Android, iOS and Website)
Tromerce is the future generation online marketplace with decentralized, cashless, trustless, permissionless, autonomous and transparency. It is the ecosystem of P2P connected nodes; there are no servers and fully decentralized. Tromerce is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and using the smart contract to describe the application logic. It connects P2P with people around the world, trade new and used items without intermediaries, send and receive funds effortlessly, the decentralized community comes to life.

Playe (Android)
PLAYe breaks the barrier between online and offline geek shopping.

Maxis mSell Postpaid (Android)
Dealer App for Maxis Dealers to perform their postpaid sales activities.

Maxis Hero Prepaid (Android)
Dealer App for Maxis Dealers to perform their prepaid sales activities.

City Explorer (Android)
City Explorer is an advertising agency and a publisher of a free magazine called “City Explorer”. Incorporated 15 years ago covering areas from Klang Valley to Seremban and Malacca, City Explorer has now come of age. From its humble beginnings, the company had grown by leaps and bound to what it is today with a strong customer base of nearly 10,000 business outlets of various fields, ranging from education, construction, apparels, furniture, food and household products, properties, travel, health, slimming, motoring and etc.

Abuthen (iOS)
AbuThen is an exclusive youth platform for 17 to 35-year-olds centered around an app.

YeSplit (Android)
YeSplit is a bill splitting mobile application that aims to improve the communication between workers, students, and house owners. We provide instant messaging to allows them to communicate anytime through mobile devices. Besides that, we also provide a fast calculation of all of the bills and rental fees. It works to total the fees and separate to all participants so they can get the correct amount to reduce human errors when doing every payment. Moreover, we deliver the notification to remind the workers and students to pay out the bills on time. This method can reduce the delayed payment of the bills. Lastly, we made a secure login to maintain security and verify member purposes.

iMES (Android)
IMES (Indonesia Messenger) is a gokil chat app made in Indonesia. In this application, you can also update status. So it is similar to social media. You can caper with your friends. To have a great chat with all Indonesians, let's use this kid-made app!

GetItGeek (Website)
GetItGeek is an amazing tech shop that lets you purchase accessories, apparel, and collectibles, all related to the world of geeks. Every shirt and apparel item on our store is related to the blockchain, has cryptocurrency content or a technology reference on it. We always strive to make everything look and feel great, and at the same time, we bring in front unique ideas and features that you can enjoy all the time.

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