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Hello, my name is Izack Winzor, I started my career as Programmer Systems Analyst, then I continued learning Graphic and Web Design, and so I had the opportunity to work with important projects in different sectors since 2002, which has allowed me to develop professionally.

Currently my experience extends as Web Designer and UI/UX Designer, I'm pretty good at analyzing customer needs, organizing information, simplifying and optimizing processes, structuring elements and creating user friendly graphical environments.

Some of my common activities are perform wireframes, prototypes, layouts, behavioral specifications, face to face interviews, field research, conducting user tests, creating user personas, interface design, visual and interaction design, web page templates using HTML and CSS and establish visual guidelines. I have also participated implementing user interfaces in collaboration with the product development team.

In my career I also have experience in brand development, corporate identity and illustration.

I’ve been working with projects in different sectors like government, insurance, technology, manufacturing, health and food industry.


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* Peek Traffic Corporation (Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing)

* SEMEX S.A. de C.V. (Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing)

* Freelance: For over thirteen years I have worked with projects independently, including software development, systems analysis, design of websites, user interfaces, landing pages, branding, corporate design, product photography, social media campaigns , search engine optimization, among others.
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