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My name is Daniel Vásquez. I am twenty one years old. I am from Venezuela. I’m in the eighth and ninth semester of my career. I’m studying Electronic Engineering at The UNEXPO, which is a university located in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.

Following you will find my background, interests, achievements, and my goals.


I was born on May 6th, 1993. Two wonderful people gave me life. I would like to make a summary about them. My father is very nice, funny, hilarious and amazing. Furthermore, he is a cool person; my dad is very clever, smart, strict and really honest.

On the other hand, my mother is interesting, studious, and a perfectionist. In addition, she gets worried very easily. Their personalities made me who I am.

Throughout my lifetime, my parents put me to practice several sports such as basketball, swimming, karate, baseball, volleyball, and even chess. Moreover, at basic school I used to go to oil painting classes. To summarize, I’ve always been a multi-tasker.

I used to get good qualifications in my school. I have participated in every academic contest and I also represented my class at the Academic Olympics of my school. Sometimes I had success, sometimes I failed. I’ve learned how to overcome the failures and mistakes in my life.
It’s important to point out that I was practicing and learning Piano and Violin since I was seven years old. But a bit later, I focused in the violin until I was eighteen years old. To improve my skills on Violin and get deeper knowledge in language music I was taking classes every two weeks in Caracas.

At eighteen years old I had to leave the violin because of lack of time. Presentations and rehearsals were increasing. Consequently, it was to hard to me to study at university. It was hard to stomach.

A year ago, I was in England so I could have the opportunity to improve my English. My parents could send me there for three months. They and I think English is very important for my career and my life. I see myself in 5 years’ time working in an important company in England. So learning English is a must.


I like to read books about personal development. I also like to watch the games of my favourite team, Real Madrid.
I enjoy maths and physics.
What I really like most is sharing time with my family.
In my opinion, family is the most important thing. Moral values such as respect, honesty, and responsibility are also important to me. However, I even respect people who don’t have that.
Every night, I ponder the mistakes which I had in the day and think about how to fix them. I always try to encourage myself and other people.


I´ve reached many different goals in life. Some of my achievements are greater than the others, but all of them have given me satisfaction.
The top 5 achievements that gave me the greatest personal satisfaction includes:

1.    Going to university as one of students with a high qualification.
2.    Getting highest qualification in all maths at university.
3.    Being a winner in a Maths Olympics at the UCAB, 2012.
4.    Learning English in England while I was living alone there.
5.    Travelling outside Venezuela with my family on holidays.

My achievements have helped me to get ahead in my life.

My goals

•    To get the Electronic Engineer degree.
•    To specialize in an Electronic Topic
•    To learn English as my second language.
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