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Andrea P.

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Master in Computer Science specialized in Multimedia from the Vrije University Amsterdam; graduated as Systems and Computation Engineer, in the University of Quindío (Colombia). Most of my interests are software entertainment as an element for learning, serious games, human computer iteration, 3D graphics and media iteration. The majority of my specialization practices are focused on this field.
Software engineering is also a strong aspect of my studies, software design and n-tier architecture development. The combination of those issues, provide to me a wide and open perception over the current internet demands and state of art.

Specialties: Multimedia
Historia laboral
* Maspapaya (Computer Software)

* Personal Space Technologies (Computer Software) [from 12/2012]: Design and development of a system to measure the limbs lengths based on tracked data for the development of a Motion Capture System

* Las Palmas de Cera Housing Project (Computer Software) [from 8/2010]: Attending meetings, filing paperwork, making phone calls, management of files, handle communication

* Dr. Lina Marcela Caicedo Orozco (Computer Software) [from 8/2010]: Labor Demands redaction, management and updating of files, deal with clients.

* Electrotechnical Faculty Osijek (Education Management) [from 5/2009]: Programming on C++ for The Adaptation of a Image Segmentation Algorithm, presentation of reports, field work.

* Escuela Normal Superior (Education Management) [from 11/2008]: Processing paperwork (checks, bills, financial statements, budgets) payment plan schedules

* Cooquinsure (Computer Software) [from 5/2002]: Processing paperwork (checks, bills, financial statements, budgets) making phone

* Notaria Única Filandia Quindio (Computer Software) [from 1999]

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