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Since 2007 working in the development of various projects including all stages, (analysis, design, development and deployment) and in many environments, e.g.: Call centers, insurance, financial companies and health institutions. Accustomed to deadlines. Productive worker under pressure and highly motivated. Good relationships with many professionals in inter-disciplinary areas like Stockbrokers, System Engineers, Managers and End Users in general. Clear definition of goals for the development and maintenance of Information Systems in atmospheres with or without computer culture.

Universidad de Costa Rica (2004 – 2007) Computer Science, Bachelor’s Degree

Training and Certification
MCTS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4, 2011.
UML (Unified Modeling Language), Rational Rose and Power Designer. Course: ADAM Payroll Certification. ADAM Technologies. 2010.
Course: Object Relational Databases. Cenfotec. 2009.
Course: Project Management. Cenfotec. 2009.
Course: Advanced SQL. Cenfotec. 2009.
Course: Applications Architecture. CTE. 2009.
TOEIC. Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano. 2008.
Microsoft SQL Jumpstart (Development and Business Intelligence). 2008. Seminary: The Planning in the Enterprise Growth. University of San Jose. 2007.
Technician in Maintenance and Repair of Computers. Tecnocom. 2005 – 2006.
Handling of packaged Microsoft Office and Internet. University of San José. 2001.

Honors and Awards
Intertec Excellence Award, 2011
Historia laboral
Intertec International
SharePoint Developer
(07/09 – 2015)
* Analysis and development of an integrated solution to automate forms using Microsoft Office InfoPath and SharePoint Server 2007 in Microchip. Implementation of non-standard features like export to PDF in InfoPath using custom development with Crystal Reports. Creation of InfoPath Forms and SharePoint Custom List. Development of a complex SharePoint workflow using C#; implementing logging, mail and management status tasks to automate the Help-Desk requests process; to improve the communication between the participants of the workflow.
* Update a physical asset tracking and management system using .NET Technology in Intertec with Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005 and the Ajax Control Toolkit.
* Analysis and implementation of a proposal plan to implement a collaboration portal in Intertec using SharePoint, based on business and department needs. * Update and fix issues of a pharmaceutical system using .NET Technology in Astrazeneca. Use of Visual Studio 2005 (C#), CodeSmith and Ajax Control Toolkit with SQL Server 2005.
* Analysis, development and deployment of a collaboration and document management system using SharePoint Online Services in Intertec Sales Department. Use of standard SharePoint personalization to manage customer documents. Creation of a custom form, custom list and basic workflows; creating tasks to validate projects status and sending emails; using SharePoint Designer to automate sales processes.
* Analysis and development of an application for controlling processes of pharmaceutical products in Alcon Labs. Working as an Analyst to validate requirements and design the new application which had to be created almost from infancy. Working as a Designer to improve the database to allow it to be extensible with SQL Server 2008. Also participating as a Developer using ASP.NET MVC 1.0, C#.NET 2008, Hibernate for .Net, JavaScript, YUI and JQuery to create an application with high-performance and a great-user interaction.
* Analysis and customization of ADAM Payroll System for Unilever (Panamá) to migrate their payroll operations to IBM. Extended use of SQL Server 2005 and ADAM customizer to automate the payroll process, additional use of Visual Studio 2005 (Visual Basic) to create custom developments in order to complete some complex solutions
* Consulting Support to IBM for transition from Unilever (South America) Payroll Operations. User training and support to complete testing-phases with critical deadlines. Additionally assigned as a Technical Support to find migration-problems between Global PeopleSoft (GPS) and ADAM 5.
* Analysis and development of integrated solutions to automate processes and improve business operations using SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 to an insurance company. In order to accelerate the development of workflows, a third party component called Nintex Workflows 2010 is used for this purpose.

Information Solutions Group
Developer (01/08 – 06/09)
* Analysis and Development of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment in Mercado de Valores, integrated business solutions in Customer Services, Sales, Marketing and Reporting, using Microsoft Technology like .NET and Reporting Services.
* Analysis, Development and Customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in IAP (Instituto de Atención Pediátrica). Migrating physical folders to digital profiles to manage medical projects using a standard customization of Dynamics CRM 4.0.
* Deployment of integrated solution in Costa Rica Expeditions using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Creating an Add-in to Microsoft Outlook 2007 to add automatically customers to the Dynamics CRM 4.0 from emails.
Additional customization of the CRM to follow the company’s terms.
* Technical support in TechData, solving user-problems in an effective way. * Analysis, implementation and deployment of SharePoint Solutions in Eureka. An advertising company that wanted to store the employee information, employee design, and the marketing campaigns in SharePoint. The idea was created to promote the site to customers to sell the product. In order to accomplish that goal, a Graphic Designer created a custom layout (Master Pages and Content Pages) from scratch. Basic workflows to send notifications and custom lists, using SharePoint Designers, were created to manage customer profiles and marketing campaigns.
* Implementation of Business Intelligence using Reporting Services in SuperServicio. Creating reports to show financial status between branches. Use of custom images which change dynamically with SQL Server and Reporting Services 2008.
* Analysis, development and deployment of reports for managing transport and suppliers using Reporting Services in Sykes. Use of shared data sources in order to get data from different SQL Server Databases and perform reports using Reporting Services 2005. Additionally, creation of design and logic for SLA Reports to control the Help Desk tickets.
* Analysis, development and deployment of SharePoint and .NET Solutions in Sykes. Modifying the purchase department site with SharePoint standard personalization (custom list, implementation of adding from Codeplex, basic customization of the content pages). Use of Kaldeera Workflow Designer to modify simple workflows which were created by end-users and had some logic problems. Also, creation of complex workflows; including synchronization between workflows; to automate purchasing processes using SharePoint Designer 2007, in order to follow SharePoint guidelines of Sykes Costa Rica.
* Installation and implementation of a Database Server in SuperServicio, using Windows Server 2007 and SQL Server 2008.
* Analysis, development and deployment of an integrated solution to automate forms using SharePoint 2007 Standard Edition in Opticas Vision. Using ASP.NET and SharePoint Designer 2007 to create ASP.NET forms to automate Help Desk and Sales requests and purchasing processes. Customization of Master Pages and Creation of ASP.NET forms using JavaScript for improve user usability and add printer features to the site and Visual Studio 2005 (ASP.NET and C#) to connect to SharePoint Web Services and a SQL Database to sync the information between forms. Also creation of workflows using SharePoint Designer 2007 to improve the communication to Purchase Department, to receive quick communications via mail and SharePoint tasks.

Sykes Latin America S.A.
University Professional Practice (03/07 – 12/07)
* Establish a new programming system that standardizes Sykes Costa Rica with the main corporation.
* Update the technologies of Sykes, getting more functionalities and extended capabilities. Migrate an old application created in Visual Studio 2003 and Framework 1.1 to a new model with Visual Studio 2005 with Framework 3.5, using Application Blocks, Remoting, Ajax Control Toolkit, DTHML and third party components like Infragistics; improving the user interface and making a more interactive system.
* Finished the project one-month before others in my class.
* Project Manager: Distributed and managed the workload of a four-member team, coordinated tasks, deliverables and deadlines with the project sponsor, the technical leader and our professor.
* Developer: In charge of the User Interface, working with Graphics Designers to migrate the PSD design to ASP.NET. My responsibility also included the business logic of the application and the database.
* Integrator of Technologies and Functionalities: In order to meet with the deadlines, the features were split and assigned to different team members. Without much instructor direction, the integration of these features into a workable one-unit application was solely performed by me.
* Document Analyst: Defining content structure and making QA of manuals and deliverables in order to perform an extended documentation of the new standards.

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