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Entrepeuner, passionate, with  marketing, market research, finance, management, project management experience. Also, experience in teaching in undergraduate and graduate studies in universities (financial matters and business).

I´m interesting in new Strategic Opportunities and do things for development an excellent costumer experience.

Easy to relate to all levels and the opening of new relationships.

Development of a Business Journal for Catolic Andres Bello University. You can see it in

Especialidades: Project Management - Product Management - Managing budgets - Management Group - Professional Presentation - Study of hearings - Team Player - Sales Management - Contract Negotiation - Market Analysis - Direct Sales - Oral and Written Communication
Historia laboral
* Business Project VE: I am currently conducting projects in business area, by consultants in and out depends of the project. My range of services involves the steps for conducting business plans to achieve:
* Market Analysis
* Business Model
* Development of marketing mix strategies
* Development of the investment project

To answer:
* Secure financing and the approximate amount of investment
* Set goals and marketing objectives
* Understanding the target market segments, growth trends, competitive analysis
* Positioning and marketing strategies

My clients: polyentilen industries, groseryes industries, entrepeurners, makeup and cosmetic industries, bakeries, tourism projects
Followme on Twitter: @VeProject

* Universidad Católica Andres Bello (Legal Services): Negociación Estratégica (Postgrado de Administración de Empresas)
Mercadeo Especializado (Escuela de Comunicación Social)

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