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Over 15 years in experience dealing with technology projects (that is, I've been working more than the half of my life). Been working the last six years as partner at Xenda, my own development boutique shop here in Peru, switching between developing, designing and managing our team (between 7-8 people distributed around the globe).

Always a quick learner, I love finding new fields of interest. Privileged with an excellent memory (which I somewhat build upon when I was a kid and taught myself several memory games. Such a nerd I am).

Totally in love with the aspect of teaching, something that has followed me the last 10 years and where my interests are focused with

I love Ruby. And ObjectiveC. And NodeJS. And BackboneJS. And AngularJS. And teaching. And some other stuff but not as much.

Specialties: Web-Based Software Development, Ruby, Rails, Training, Branding, E-Commerce Consulting, Best Practices Analysis, Design and Development, Usability Oriented Design of Web Sites and interfaces

Also: knowledge (in different amounts of depth, that is) of about everything related to internet, software development, technology, games, odd trivias, films, comics, entertainment and strange stuff you probably wouldn't be interested in. Probably. But if you do, send me a mail.
Historia laboral
* CodePicnic (Computer Software): Developing the business strategy and resolving interesting technology issues. Involved in pushing and meeting with interested partners and overseeing ideas flow.

* BulevarMall (Computer Software): Founding partner collaborating with the technology and innovation side of the business.

* Xenda (Information Technology and Services): Project director and developer, immersed in managing project teams, client management and research.

Currently specialised on the development of inner solutions, using tools and frameworks such as Ruby/Rails, ObjectiveC + iOS SDK and related software.

Focused in training new groups on Ruby, Rails and Git technologies and empowering the Xenda Camp, training area, business unit.
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U.S. English Basic Skills Test
Ruby on Rails Test

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