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Jose S.

Project Manager / Team Leader en M.C. Dean, Inc.

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Interested on running and managing long scale software projects with a world class quality.
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* M.C. Dean, Inc. (Defense & Space): Running projects with Scrum work framework , Agile development (TDD, Unit Testing , Continuous
integration) , Building full decoupled, maintainable  Architectural templates (  interface based designing , Dependency injection , applying design  patterns to match SOLID principles)

* Monnet Srl (Program Development) [desde 2/2012]: Managing development team  under Scrum framework , applying agile development Unit testing , TDD , clean code , SOLID principles

* Monnet Srl (Program Development) [desde 1/2011]: Developing Fleet management  web systems , network programming , WCF , MVC

* Rehma Systems (Program Development) [desde 1/2010]: Developing software mainly for British Gas , web systems

* Hard Line (Program Development) [desde 11/2008]: Developing  mobile system for British Gas , Warrant module over an existing ERP for Bisa Raisa Almacenes Internacionales

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