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I study Business Administration wtih courses on International Commerce (Exportation/Importation, Logistics)  I am an aspiring entrepreneur who has a vast range of knowledge in many aspects about life,ranging all the way from gaming to business strategies and administration, and affiliate marketing all the way to bodybuilding/ nutrition. I am a technology and gaming enthusiast/bodybuilder on my free time, and a sports(basketball,baseball and football) guru.
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* Planta Amazonas Companhia de Comercio Exterior LTDA (Import and Export): -Project Manager, Business development opportunities.
-Responsible for quality control of coffee, Sourcing green coffee from farmers to buy in the internal market.
-National and international coffee brokering.
-Coffee reports.
-Internal and external coffee negotiation.
-Coffee export coordinator.

Speed Lanhouse and Informatica - Varginha MG
Lanhouse and IT store, Largest and best in my city, while my brother is part owner we have managers and technicians who work for us at the store and have been managing it for years. Here is where I learned many of my current computer skills
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U.S. English Basic Skills Test

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