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Matias C.

Photographer / Designer / Motion Grapher

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Diseño y Multimedia

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Matias is a skilled multitalented professional, with outstanding creative design and project management skills, whose work has been showcased in books and awarded online. During the past 12 years he has held a variety of positions from web designer to creative director and photographer surfing through a variety of areas, creating high quality projects, meeting insane deadlines and working with restrictive budgets. Always achieving successful results for his clients.
He is always willing to face a challenge, getting surprising results out of it.
Historia laboral
* Grad Images (Photography): Photograph graduation portraits, handle between 100 to 400 portraits each graduation, following company standards.

* Dianublado (Photography): Photography:
Portraits, Fashion, Commercial Productions, Food, Sports
Motion Graphic Productions, Digital Presence Consulting.

* W3Haus (Marketing and Advertising) [from 9/2010]: Directing the motion and video department. And producing if needed. Working toghether with planning, art department, flash department and audio producers.
works online:

Making of jeans

Animation for the DCSF UK, to be used on the BETT 2010. Direction, animation.
Motion intro. Video direction, motion, planning and creative direction.
(mini making of
site overview: direction and production.
Video Direction/production.

* Campanha política 2010 (Internet) [from 2010]: Creation of tv spots, inserts and material for the elections official show. Motion Graphics, Art direction

* Independent Video Production (Internet) [from 11/2009]: Independent video production.

* W3Haus (Marketing and Advertising) [from 2/2009]: Creative and art director at the company. Working toghether with planning, designers and flash programmers and animators, merging all this areas, to develop websites and internet portals. Managing and directing schedules, projects and people.
Turner Presentation 2008
Turner Teaser and RoadShow Presentation 2008.
among others

* W3Haus (Marketing and Advertising) [from 5/2008]: Flash programming, animating, photo, stop motion, video, motion graphics. Flash developing and animating
site capture: Flash developing, motion, co-art direction. ( // creation, design, programming, annimarion // stop motion movies //flash programming
Turner RoadShow Presentation (cd) //Project management, art and motion direction. Planning.
See project: //flash programming, animation // previous version flash programming

* Wif - Final in Limoges, France (Internet) [from 4/2008]: I leaded my team participating on the Web Design Festival Preselections in Brazil ( winning this stage with the highest punctuation, taking us to the finals in france, against other 20 countries.
Preselection site (Jan 2008)

Finals site (April 2008)

* Box 3 (Internet) [from 3/2007]: Directing and coordinating jobs, presentation. Creative direction, flash interactive sites developements (After art and creative direction). Database integration, animation and graphic design. Everything, depending on the job needs.

Developed and planned works for Brazil and USA. //no longer on line //

Available presentations, site images, references and others.

* IMC (Public Relations and Communications) [from 2006]: Manage the multimedia department, introducing this new product to clients, new business, and creating new and innovating projects.

* Oxean (Marketing and Advertising) [from 2004]: Flash programming, animation, project management, Art direction.

* IMC (Photography) [from 2003]: Introduce new technologies to the Agency, Flash programming, animation, art direction.

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