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I have always been the kind of person who likes challenges, learn new technologies and mix my knowledge in different areas to grow in my professional career. I am not afraid to recognize that i don't know a technology or not be able to develop the project at the moment due to lack of knowledge since that kind of situations allows me to be better.
As a project manager I fulfilled the tasks assigned to the my area, regardless of the daily incidents, always giving a quality attention. As a developer my work methodology based on the pomodoro timer and task prioritization of the SCRUM allowed me to complete my tasks with the quality and time required. There are always complications and implementation delays in technological industry. I even faced conflicting situations between companies where I had to act as mediator. With an analytical mind and emotional intelligence, I managed to solve problems in addition to leading the team on the right path.

Technology industry forces us to update ourselves, learn new things every day and never think that we have learned everything necessary to carry out our work. Frustration and adaptation to change are always present in this industry, because of that it's important for me to practice an sport. Kick-boxing, crossfit and soccer are my favorite activities as well music is a catalyst for emotions and allows me to keep the best attitude and tranquility in my work. Analyze and understand the requirements of the project in order to define and implement the best solution and technology, Collaborative work with multidisciplinary teams as well as using the best practices and documentation of my work are lessons that I have learned during my years of work in the technology industry.

My creative profile has always allowed me to live different experiences in my work environment so one of my goals is to continue the mixing my passions for audio, sound design, music, programming and video games.
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