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Analyst with focus in result of the company, with experience and participation in the preparation of implementation of the business intelligence area. developing analysis models and performance models through KPI. 6 years of experience in analyze of indications, development website in companies that welcomed me and developed me.
Extremely easy communication and interpersonal relationship, pro-active and swallow as a "hands on" feature.
• Experience in analyzing requirements and customer needs by organizing control worksheets control worksheets, information handling to elaborate the best KPI framework;
• Provide support to the customer service area and prepare delivery schedules;
• Repossible to organize and document manuals and new work tools;
• Experience with data extraction, data manipulation and automation of KPI reports;
• Mapping new processes to workflow;
• Experience in website development and consulting such as performance and optimizations;
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* GRUPO SOLUTIONS (Administração de serviços):
* Code4Inside (Tecnologia da informação e serviços): Consultoria e desenvolvimento de sites e sistemas escalaveis

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