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A Snowman Labs é um laboratório de experiências e criações para tecnologias móveis.

Nós construímos apps maravilhosamente desenhados para iPhone, iPad e 'Droids - mas não apenas construímos no sentido de codificar. Nós os desenhamos do zero, nós projetamos seus funcionamentos internos e criamos as mais bonitas interfaces integradas com uma experiência de usuário única e um eficiente design de interação. Somos cientistas e artistas das plataformas móveis.

------ English ------

Snowman Labs is an insane laboratory for mobile technologies' experiments and creations. We build stunning and amazingly designed apps for iPhone, iPad and 'Droids - but not only do we build them in the coding sense, we design them from scratch, we engineer their internals and make the most beautiful user interfaces integrated with seemingly user experience and simple user interaction. We are not simply coders, we are scientists and artists of the mobile platforms.

One more thing: our expertise doesn't stop at creating awesome mobile apps, it extends to creating innovative and effective mobile marketing strategies.

So, you have a brand that's not yet on mobile platforms or you want to launch your brand in everyone's hands to make them engage, talk and do business with you? You need value, bonds, loyalty or new consumers? Well, we might just have the skills to do that in a way that will be perfectly aligned with your brand's identity and culture.

Or even, just have a crazy idea that calls for a mobile app? Hell, we can do it!

We may be a bit out of our minds here, but that's what makes Snowman Labs so damn good after all - we are insanely in love with what we do, and we do it having fun. All the time!

And trust us, we wouldn't do a single bit of it if it wasn't fun.

And to finish this awfully long description in a bit more serious way (after all, we do want you to like us):
We're a lab that lives and builds on the mobile world. We'll always work out to find the best way to design an app or a mobile marketing action or strategy. And what the heck does that mean? That means even if you want to pay us loads of money to design an ugly app or with a bad user experience or complex interaction design or with bad quality code we won't do it. Seriously. We're here to make the best, and that's good for you!

Key words?
User Interface Design, User Experience, Interaction Design, Simplicity, Performance, Multi-Platform, iOS, Android, Tablets and Smartphones.

Historia laboral
Somos responsáveis por vários projetos mobile de grandes empresas como SEBRAE, GVT, CELEPAR, Ademilar, etc.

Alguns projetos que trabalhamos:

SEBRAE Canvas: (iPad)

Ademilar: (iPhone e iPad)

Aortic Surgery: (iOS - iPhone e iPad) (Android - Smartphone e Tablet)

Jornada SPP: (iPhone e iPad)

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